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This page has useful information and resources for your role as a Facebook Moderator.

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Lymphoma Action policies and procedures

Incident report form
Personal safety checklist
Sharing information responsibly
Safeguarding policy

Facebook Moderator role guidance

Facebook Moderator role description
Guidance for Facebook Moderators
Process for removing posts and blocking members

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Useful information for your role

A selection of the key webpages that you need to be familiar with, so you can discuss participants' experience and concerns, and signpost them to this information on the website.
All things COVID -  Vaccinations, testing, treatment, living with COVID and how to stay safe
Accessible information - our range of Easy Read booklets and other resources that might be helpful for some individuals
Available booklets and information  

Understanding lymphoma

What is lymphoma
Types of lymphoma
Active monitoring
Treatment and remission
Side effects of treatment
Late effects of lymphoma treatment
Peripheral neuropathy
Cancer-related fatigue
‘Chemo brain’ (cancer-related cognitive impairment)

In this podcast, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Charlotte Bloodworth explains what relapsing in lymphoma means, strategies for treating and managing relapse, and support strategies for coping with concerns around relapse.

The emotional impact of lymphoma

Coping with symptoms of lymphoma
The emotional impact of living with lymphoma
Managing Stress
What happens if lymphoma relapses?
Wellbeing videos and toolkit section

Focusing on your emotional wellbeing and mental health

Watch our video on emotional wellbeing and mental health. In conversation with Lymphoma Action's Karen Bonell, psychologist Angela Waind talks about tips and strategies for looking after your wellbeing, and what services are available to help.

Remote video URL

Practical aspects of living with lymphoma

Day-to-day living
Relationships, family, friends
Travel insurance
Returning to work (COVID)
Physical wellbeing section
Your healthcare appointments
Exercise and physical activity
Ask the expert: How can I get my stamina back after treatment?

Nika shows five simple seated rejuvenating stretches that you can do at home
Remote video URL
Keeping active

Regional Development Manager Karen Bonell talks to Lifestyle Advisor (cancer exercise specialist) Jane Mullarkey about how to keep active and exercise while at home

Remote video URL

Diet and nutrition
Ask the expert: Guidance for diet and alcohol during and after treatment?

Diet and nutrition

Regional Development Manager Karen Bonell talks to Lymphoma CNS Sarah Wells about diet, nutrition, how to eat well and how to manage eating-related side effects of lymphoma and treatment.

Remote video URL
Practical toolkit: Fatigue and physical exercise

Jennifer Woods, Senior Haematology Oncology Occupational Therapist, and Aimee Green, Specialist Haematology Physiotherapist, The Christie

Remote video URL
Managing symptoms and side effects of lymphoma

Joining us were Dr Dan Monnery, Palliative Care Consultant and NHS England National Clinical Advisor for Enhanced Supportive Care, Nikie Catchpool, Consultant Occupational Therapist and Macmillan Professional and Joint Clinical Lead, and Charlotte Bloodworth - Advanced Nurse Practitioner, talk about how to manage some of the symptoms and side effects of lymphoma.

Remote video URL

In this podcast, Dr Dan Monnery talks about enhanced supportive care and the important role it plays in the ongoing support and management of lymphoma.

Additional useful resources

Our services

Helpline Services - this page gives the details of our helpline services and what they do - and don't - offer. It also gives details of our interpreting service Language is Everything.
Support for you - general section on accessing all of our support sections of the website

Lymphoma Matters magazine

Lymphoma Matters Magazine library of magazines
Active Monitoring Magazine article - page 8
Update on vaccinations and boosters - page 6

Lymphoma Voices (podcast)

Podcasts - library of all podcasts
Why I find lymphoma so interesting - Dr Graham Collins

COVID section

All things COVID - Treatment, living with COVID and how to stay safe
This page will be updated as soon as any new information is announced.

Other information that may be of interest

News - we usually publish a couple of news blogs each week, and this page will take you to the archive of news articles.
Personal stories - our library of personal stories, which you can filter by types of lymphoma and other topics.
Accessible information - we have a range of Easy Read booklets and other resources that might be helpful for some individuals.
Recipe ideas from Macmillan

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