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Lymphoma TrialsLink Making it easier to find a clinical trial

Happy birthday TrialsLink!

Our clinical trials information service turns 3 this week - and what a busy 3 years it has been!

26 September 2019
WLAD 2019 banner

10 facts about lymphoma on World Lymphoma Awareness Day

World Lymphoma Awareness Day takes place on 15 September every year to raise awareness of lymphoma - the most common blood cancer. 

This year the campaign is encouraging people around the globe to share key facts about lymphoma - not only so more people are aware of the disease, but because research shows that people affected feel more confident when they are more informed.

15 September 2019
Teeside and Leeds support groups

Summer catch up

Attendees of the Teeside and Leeds Support Groups have great get-together 

21 August 2019
Diagram showing a T cell with a chimeric antigen receptor, with the activation signal meeting the stimulation signal attached to the antigen receptor

Improving access to CAR T-cell therapy

Lymphoma Action is continually pushing for improvements in the access to, and delivery of, CAR T-cell therapy to allow everybody who is suitable for treatment to access it.

12 August 2019
All Lymphoma Action booklet covers

Health Information Week 2019

We're supporting Health Information Week as we believe high quality health information empowers people affected by lymphoma.

1 July 2019
Mark with his wife Paula_Bridges Walk

Raising awareness - Mark's story

How one of our volunteers shared his story with his hospital radio and local newspaper to help raise awareness of lymphoma and the support we provide. 

27 June 2019
CAR T-cells

Behind the headline: Has CAR T-cell therapy got 'cancer on the run'?

It is true that CAR T-cells are a new type of treatment that could transform the prognosis for some people with difficult-to-treat lymphoma. However, it can have serious side effects and research is still ongoing to find out the long-term effects of the treatment.

21 June 2019
Volunteers' Week 2019_Thank you

Happy Volunteers’ Week 2019!

Volunteers' Week is a national campaign celebrating the wonderful contribution of volunteers across the UK. We'd like to say a huge thank you to our incredible volunteers - we simply couldn’t inform, support and connect with as many people affected by lymphoma without your time, energy and commitment.

31 May 2019
Sun awareness week

Sun Awareness Week 2019

Sun safety is important throughout the year, even if the sun isn’t shining - you can still get burnt through clouds.

8 May 2019

Catch up with Mary

Read Mary's experience of chemo brain in the forthcoming Lymphoma Matters magazine

14 February 2019

We support Time to Talk Day

The campaign encourages conversations about mental heath, urging people to talk to others in whatever way they want to.

7 February 2019
World Cancer Day orange logo

World Cancer Day 2019

I Am and I Will - you are the hero of this campaign. Start a conversation about cancer today with your family, friends, colleagues and networks.

4 February 2019
Lymphoma Coalition Europe logo

Join the new Lymphoma Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The Lymphoma Coalition Europe (LCE) is looking for people to be members of a new Lymphoma CAB - if you want to influence research and help create a louder voice for the lymphoma community register your interest today.

15 January 2019

Jane Slowey memorial membership programme

As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible services for people living with lymphoma, we're delighted that Lymphoma Action will be represented on a new leadership programme for women working in the charity sector.

10 January 2019
NHS logo on blue background

Our response to the NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan has been published and whilst lymphoma is not specifically mentioned, we're glad to see the more personalised, co-ordinated approach to cancer care. We hope the government supports the commitments with the resources and staffing needed.

9 January 2019
Charity Film Awards logo

Vote for us in the Charity Film Awards!

We're delighted that our animation explaining lymphoma to children has been shortlisted in the Charity Film Awards - we'd be grateful for your voters so we can progress to the next stage.

23 November 2018
Nobel prize

Nobel Prize for Medicine

Scientists whose work underpins a targeted treatment for lymphoma win Nobel Prize for Medicine.

1 October 2018
Talking to a nurse

Pembrolizumab for classical Hodgkin lymphoma

NICE/NHS England recommend pembrolizumab for people with relapsed or refractory Hodgkin lymphoma who have had brentuximab vedotin and cannot have an autologous stem cell transplant

2 August 2018
Two people talking about the new CLL guidelines

New CLL guidelines published

The British Society of Haematology have published their guidelines on the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

24 July 2018
NHS 70th birthday image

Happy birthday NHS!

As we celebrate 70 years of the NHS, we say thank you to all the staff who care for people affected by lymphoma. 

5 July 2018
Blood vials

Ask the expert: Blood tests

How good are blood tests at detecting whether lymphoma is progressing or relapsing? We share the answer from issue 103 of Lymphoma Matters magazine. 

27 June 2018
EHA Conference

Biosimilars in the real world

Stephen Scowcroft reports back from a biosimilars panel at the European Haematology Association (EHA) Congress 2018. 

25 June 2018
Image of London skyline

Maintenance for follicular lymphoma

Becky, our senior medical writer, looks at some of the questions raised about maintenance for follicular lymphoma at the post-ASH meeting. 

15 March 2018