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Make a difference in a matter of minutes

Take part in micro-volunteering activities from the comfort of your own home.

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Micro-volunteering is short, specific activities that are quick to start and complete, and will help us make a difference as we inform, support and connect people affected by lymphoma. 

What's involved?

  • You can choose when, where and how much you’d like to do - taking part only takes minutes!

  • Pick an activity from the list below to complete. Then let us know you've done it by clicking on the 'completed an activity' button.

  • There’s no commitment and no sign-up process.

  • Anyone can get involved - you don't need to have experience of lymphoma to do so! 

Micro-volunteering activities

Completed an activity? Click here!

Review our information
Read some of our web pages in the ‘About lymphoma’ or ‘Types of lymphoma’ sections of our website and leave feedback on any of the pages you have read via the ‘Send us your feedback’ button to the bottom left of the page. This will help us continue to develop clear and accessible material.  

Get involved on social media
Follow our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and get liking, sharing and retweeting Lymphoma Action’s posts on your personal social media or blogs. This will help us reach a wider audience and continue to build a supportive online community. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts!

Crochet for Cancer
Grab your favourite yarn, download our crochet or knitting pattern – we even have a handy tutorial video - and make a special periwinkle brooch. You could sell to friends, family and colleagues for a donation, or give as a gift and tell the person about the link between the periwinkle and lymphoma (flower is used as an ingredient in some lymphoma treatments).

Watch a YouTube video
Learn more about about lymphoma by watching one or more of our Youtube videos. Tell another person about the topic, or share the video with them, to help us raise awareness of lymphoma. 

Share your skills, experience and expertise 
Tell us
about your skills, experience and expertise that could support our work and we can discuss opportunities for you to share these through volunteering.

Host an online quiz with a round on lymphoma
Raise awareness of lymphoma through an online quiz with friends and family. We have created a set of quiz questions, which includes a round on lymphoma and also the colour purple (our main charity colour)! You can add our lymphoma round to another quiz you're hosting or use our full set of quiz questions (6 rounds). Access our quiz pack here. 

Give while you shop online
With your everyday shopping, including groceries, just choose Lymphoma Action as your chosen charity on: AmazonSmile; Give as you Liveeasyfundraising. There's no extra cost to you – it’s totally free!

Give something up
Trying to shift a habit or want to prove you’ve got willpower? Get sponsored to give something up or donate the money you would have spent to Lymphoma Action.

Raise money online through Facebook donate
Create an online fundraiser in aid of Lymphoma Action. Many people use Facebook donate to celebrate their birthday.

Share your micro-volunteering ideas with us
If you have an idea for a micro-volunteering activity, please tell us. We always welcome new ideas!

Completed an activity? Click here!
We're here to support you, so if you have any questions about completing a micro-volunteering  activity, please do get in contact with us by emailing