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Closed Facebook Support Group

Our UK-wide Facebook Group connects and supports people affected by lymphoma from all over the UK.

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Our UK-wide group brings together people living with lymphoma, recovering from lymphoma, and family members and friends. 

We now have over 4,000 members and whether you are newly diagnosed or many years on from treatment, the group offers valuable peer support at any time.

Here is what some of our members think about the group.

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The group is a great place where people understand and support each other. It offers hope, reassurance and empathy to help anyone through their journey.

Mark, in remission from Hodgkin lymphoma

The group is made up of people living with lymphoma, those who have had lymphoma, spouses and partners, and parents.

Who attends our Facebook group

There's always so much support and understanding. People on here have different Lymphomas but there's always someone who's been there, done that and can offer advice, help and support. You're not alone. Our motto is 'You can do this!'

Debbie, carer for her husband who has non-Hodgkin lymphoma

How does the group help its members?

Being part of the Facebook group brings many benefits to its members. From feeling understood and acknowledged to having a social connection and getting hints and tips from other group members about hope to cope with living with and beyond lymphoma.

90% of members would recommend the group to others!

Although I was a bit anxious at first and unsure what to expect I’m so glad I joined the group. Although everyone’s experience of this disease is unique there is such a sense of community and helpful information. I’ve enjoyed giving as well as receiving support. I have a good circle of friends and family who have supported me throughout but this adds something different and very valuable. 

Joan, living with non-Hodgkin lymphoma

What a difference the group makes...

Our group members told us that being part of the group makes a real difference to their lives.

  • 83% feel more informed from joining the group
  • 75% feel more supported
  • 63% feel like someone understands
  • 57% feel less isolated
  • 57% feel more reassured

Join us!

Joining the group is simple, and you can register online within minutes. Our group moderators are online to welcome you.

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You can also follow our main Lymphoma Action Facebook page for regular news and updates.

All the statistics above come from our December 2020 survey of group members. We are grateful to everyone who completed the survey.