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Volunteering FAQs

If you have any questions that aren't listed here, please contact the Volunteering Team.

Email:                Phone: 01296 619415

Can I volunteer if…?

I am newly diagnosed / still going through treatment for lymphoma

We ask new volunteers to be at least 6 months post diagnosis, the start of active monitoring or the end of treatment for lymphoma and other cancers before officially starting, for your mental and physical health. This also applies to family, friends and carers of those with lymphoma, and if you have experienced a close loss then we recommend you are at least 12 months post bereavement before joining.

If you’re keen to begin, we are able to carry out any relevant recruitment checks in the meantime. Please note that volunteering often involves sharing your own experiences and we want our volunteers to feel able to comfortably do so and manage your emotions around this. If you don’t feel ready to get involved, we’re happy to put your enquiry on hold.

I’m under 18 

You need to be aged 18 or over to volunteer with Lymphoma Action. However, there are other ways to get involved outside of our official volunteering roles. Please see here for some suggestions: Lymphoma Action | Micro-volunteering.

I’m in the UK on a visa

You should check with UK Visas and Immigration about whether your visa allows volunteering or if there are any restrictions relating to this. They have an online tool here:

By agreeing to our volunteering declaration in our application form, you are confirming that you’re eligible to volunteer in the UK as part of your visa and meet the work/volunteer hour requirements.

I don’t live in the UK

Currently we are only able to offer volunteering opportunities to UK residents.

I’m claiming benefits 

If you receive state benefits, you can volunteer without your entitlement being affected. However, you must tell your benefits office about your volunteering, continue to meet the conditions of the benefit you receive, and understand the associated rules. You will also still be able to claim for out-of-pocket volunteering expenses from Lymphoma Action.

I’m looking for work experience

We’re happy to offer project support for anyone looking to enhance their CV. Opportunities may be variable, but we would be happy to chat through what you’re looking for. In addition, joining in any of our set volunteering roles would provide great transferable skills and experience.

I’m an asylum seeker / refugee

Volunteering can be carried out at any stage of the immigration process as long as it does not interfere with related scheduled events. It is also considered separate to your right to work.

Being our volunteer

What skills do I need to volunteer? 

Whatever your skills and experience, we aim to find a volunteering role that’s right for you. Some of our volunteering opportunities require you to have particular skills or a willingness to learn them, but these will be clearly outlined in the role description.

Do you offer training to volunteers?

Training and ongoing support will be provided throughout your induction and volunteering, relevant to your role/s. We also occasionally offer ad-hoc training opportunities for topics relating to volunteering.

Can I claim back expenses?

You shouldn’t be out of pocket from volunteering! We will reimburse all reasonable expenses linked with your volunteering, including travel costs. We will share expenses claim information once you join as a volunteer.

How much time do I have to give?

Most of our roles are flexible and have no set minimum number of hours to get involved. There are also opportunities to help in other ways through occasional volunteering. All role descriptions will clearly state what time commitment is involved.

What volunteering opportunities do you have?

We have a variety of volunteer roles across the Charity, however not all are actively open for recruitment. Further details about the roles we currently have open are available here: Lymphoma Action | Volunteering Opportunities

Following an enquiry, we are happy to chat through all roles and can make note of any interest in a role that is not currently open and get in contact with you when it is. We can also discuss bespoke opportunities based on your skills and experience too.

How do I join as volunteer?

Please first register your interest in volunteering and fill out our enquiry form here: Lymphoma Action | How to get involved. We will then be in touch to arrange a phone call to talk about the ways you can volunteer and provide you with the next steps, depending on which roles you have interest in. 

If you need any help filling out the form or would like a physical copy sent to you in the post, or you have any questions, please email or call us on 01296 619415.

Will I need references to apply?

For most of our roles, yes. While filling out the application form, we may ask you to provide details for two character references. These cannot be from family members or Lymphoma Action staff / volunteers, but can include:
•    friends
•    colleagues
•    neighbours
•    healthcare professionals
•    pastoral leaders
•    tutors, etc.
They must be 18 years old or over and should have known you for at least 6 months. You should check with them first to make sure they are happy to be listed as your reference. If you’re struggling to find references that meet our criteria for any reason (for example, perhaps you’re new to the country), please do get in touch and we can discuss this.

Do you do disclosure and barring checks?

Lymphoma Action reserves the right to undertake Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) at its absolute discretion in line with requirements for the volunteer activity, and the Charity will inform volunteers where this is required. However, the nature of our volunteering roles generally does not require any kind of DBS checks.

Can I volunteer with my family or friends?

Some of our roles allow for group volunteering, though this should be discussed with the Volunteering Team first.

Can I use my volunteering as a reference for future career opportunities?

Please get in contact with us and we would be happy to provide a reference for you after / while you’re volunteering with us. Please note that Lymphoma Action provide factual references only.