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Live your Life

Our self-management programme for people living with lymphoma

Live your Life is our peer-led self-management course. Designed for people who have just finished treatment or who are on active monitoring (watch and wait), it aims to help connect you to other people. We know you may feel isolated and find it challenging to adapt to your ‘new normal’, so we have created a programme led by trained volunteers with a lived experience of lymphoma and supported by clinical nurse specialists.

We aim to connect you to others in similar situations so you can share your experiences, ask questions and feel more connected. We want to help you feel empowered and supported in developing coping strategies to adjust to live with and beyond lymphoma and provide you with the essential information to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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Live your Life programme

We currently offer peer-led interactive online workshops and a self serve mini course for people who have completed treatment or are on active monitoring.

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Find out where our online and face-to-face workshops are running, and book your place.

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Meet the facilitators

Meet the people who make each one of our Live your Life workshops all over the UK, possible. 

Before, I felt apprehensive, worried and concerned about meeting other people outside of routine hospital appointments. Within minutes of arriving at the workshop I felt reassured by the relaxed atmosphere. Everyone engaged with one another and shared their experiences of lymphoma. 

Jason, workshop attendee


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