COVID-19 and lymphoma

At Lymphoma Action, we've brought together the latest information about COVID-19 and how it affects people with lymphoma. This information comes from authoritative sources, including the UK government, NICE and the NHS, and is frequently updated to reflect the latest guidance. 

If you have symptoms of lymphoma or signs of infection, please contact your GP surgery or your clinical team. It is important that you don't ignore symptoms that could be serious.


Person using a needle and syringe to draw vaccine from a bottle

How effective is COVID-19 vaccination for people with lymphoma?

We know a lot of people have questions about whether coronavirus vaccination works for people who have lymphoma. Here we summarise what we know - and what we don't know - so far.

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Spiky blue sphere representing a virus, surrounded by yellow Y-shaped antibodies

Antibody tests after COVID-19 vaccination

In most places, antibody tests to check your response to COVID vaccination are not routinely available on the NHS. Here, we list a few things to consider before deciding whether or not to pay for a private test.

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Keeping yourself as safe as you can

Whether or not you choose to go out more, and how many people you choose to meet within the current rules, is a personal decision. To help you decide what you feel comfortable doing, we recap some of the main considerations and suggest things you can do to keep yourself safer.

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Person with mask in London street

Tips to help manage change as COVID-19 restrictions end

Many people affected by lymphoma are likely to feel concerned about the news that restrictions in England are being lifted. We're here to support you and have put together these tips to help you manage this next phase. 

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We’ll keep this section updated with information from the government, frequently asked questions we receive from those affected by lymphoma and sources of practical and emotional support.

COVID-19 Guidance for people with lymphoma

Specific information on protecting people considered at risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Those with lymphoma have been identified as one of the extremely vulnerable groups. 

Managing concerns as restrictions ease

The easing of restrictions may be welcome, but may also be a cause for concern and anxiety. Here we look at ideas and approaches you might find helpful, including a video discussion. 

Lymphoma and COVID-19 videos

On 5 May 2020 we hosted a webinar on lymphoma and COVID-19, with a panel of UK lymphoma specialists. You can watch our video of the webinar, as well as additional questions. You can also watch the Blood Cancer Alliance webinar on shielding and top tips for keeping well. 

Distance Aware Badge

Order our free 'distance aware badge' which you can wear to remind people to social distance when possible. 

Practical support

Guidance on how to get medication, shopping, and other everyday practicalities.

Emotional support

Guidance on how to maintain wellbeing and find emotional support at this difficult time.