Lymphoma Voices (podcasts)

Lymphoma Voices is a series of podcasts for people living with lymphoma, and their family and friends. In each podcast, we are in conversation with an expert in their field, or someone who has been personally affected by lymphoma, who shares their thoughts and experiences. 

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Lymphoma Action's series of podcasts

Podcast episodes

Kicking on - in conversation with Robbie Fergusson

Scotland 7s international rugby union player and Team GB member, Robbie Fergusson, and Lymphoma Action volunteer Mike Taylor both reflect on their experiences with lymphoma. Robbie talks about the impact of his Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis on his career at the time, his recovery post-treatment and his experience of taking part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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Dr Dan Monnery podcast

Enhanced supportive care and its role within the holistic management of lymphoma - in conversation with Dr Dan Monnery

Palliative Care Consultant and NHS England National Clinical Director for Enhanced Supportive Care, Dr Dan Monnery talks about the principles of enhanced supportive care (ESC), the benefits to this approach and how it differs from other types of care, and his wish that ESC be offered to everyone receiving a cancer diagnosis.

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Giles Andreae in conversation

The last surviving sperm in the facility

In this podcast, poet, author and illustrator Giles Andreae reflects on his lymphoma experience. He talks about an extraordinary initial diagnosis (3:32), his determination to preserve his fertility (8:43) and his treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma (19:36). He explains why he only wants to write about love and happiness (32:00) and how a later cancer diagnosis was even more challenging (33:30). Published in August 2021.

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Jamie Beamish in conversation

Being in the company of people - in conversation with Jamie Beamish

In this podcast, Bridgerton and Derry Girls actor Jamie Beamish talks to us about his experience of Hodgkin lymphoma, the impact his diagnosis had on his career at the time and the stem cell transplant he received as part of his treatment. Published in March 2021.

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Little rocks and lollipops podcast

Little rocks and lollipops - in conversation with Emma Forbes

In this podcast, Emma talks to us about her experience of supporting her sister, Sarah, who has a diagnosis of lymphoma. Published in February 2021.

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Looking to the future podcast

Looking to the future and the kindness of strangers - in conversation with Sarah Standing and Emma Forbes

In this podcast, sisters Sarah and Emma talk to us about Sarah's diagnosis of lymphoma in 2020, and the emotional challenges of supporting a loved one at a distance. Published in February 2021.

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Angela Waind podcast

Focusing on your emotional wellbeing - in conversation with Angela Waind

In this podcast, Consultant Counselling Psychologist Angela Waind talks to Lymphoma Action's Karen Bonell about emotional wellbeing and mental health, the links with physical health, and strategies to help support positive mental wellbeing. Recorded on 9 December 2020.

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Why I find lymphoma so interesting podcast

Why I find lymphoma so interesting - in conversation with Dr Graham Collins

In this podcast, consultant haematologist Dr Graham Collins talks to Lymphoma Action's Anne Hook about why he feels that lymphoma is so interesting. Recorded on 27 November 2020.

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Sarah Jarvis podcast

The role of the GP in managing lymphoma - in conversation with Sarah Jarvis

In this podcast, Dr Sarah Jarvis talks to Lymphoma Action's Stephen Scowcroft about the role of the GP, not just in referring people who have symptoms of lymphoma, but also for those with a lymphoma diagnosis. Recorded on 28 August 2020.

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Any views or opinions expressed in these podcasts are that of the guest speakers and do not represent that of Lymphoma Action. 
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