In memory

Donate in memory

Donating in memory of a loved one is a very special and meaningful way to remember them – honouring their life and at the same time supporting people affected by lymphoma.

Remember someone special

Your donation will help us support people affected by lymphoma, so they have dedicated information and support when they need it most. 

If you have any questions about giving in memory, please contact our team on 01296 619400 or

Leave a dedication

Visit our special dedication page where you can share your thoughts and messages if you have lost a loved one. However you are feeling, you are welcome to post a message to share with other people who may be going through something similar.

Visit our dedication page here

Fundraise in memory

Fundraising in memory is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of someone special. Take part in one of our events or organise your own.

We are here for you

We understand how difficult losing a loved one can be - we're here for you and can provide information and support to help you cope with your grief. 

You can also use the GriefChat service to chat online with a specialist bereavement counsellor.


Get support if you have lost a loved one

How you make a difference

Find out how your donation will make a difference to people affected by lymphoma.

Where your money goes

Find out how much it costs to fund our activities and services and what your donation could support. 

Our impact

Read about the positive impact our work has had for people affected by lymphoma.