Every 27 minutes one of us is diagnosed with lymphoma - the most common blood cancer in the UK.

We are the only charity in the UK dedicated to lymphoma and with your help we can give people the vital information and support they need.

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A special way to remember a loved one and support other people affected by lymphoma

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Every £1 that you generously donate is used to support, inform and connect people affected by lymphoma. 

Together you raise over £1 million each year, helping us to fund our freephone helpline, booklets and information sheets, local support groups, buddy scheme, community forum and our campaigning work to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of lymphoma.

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Our impact in 2019

  • 82,000


    We distributed over 82,000 free books, information sheets and magazines. Having access to trusted information about lymphoma helps people diagnosed feel more positive, confident and in control.

  • 2,160


    Our amazing team of over 300 volunteers directly supported 2,160 people affected by lymphoma through our support groups, Live your Life workshops and buddy services.

  • 4,500


    Over 4,500 people attended one of our regular support groups. The groups offer peer support, opportunities to share experiences and connect people affected.

Thank you

Your support makes a huge difference to everyone affected by lymphoma.

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Our fundraising promise

Our supporters are critical to our success - helping us reach more people affected by lymphoma than ever before. Your trust is vital to us and we’re committed to being fully transparent and accountable to you.

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