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Treatment for lymphoma

This section of our website is about treatment for lymphoma.

We have information covering getting ready for treatment (prehabilitation), different types of treatment, and remission (where there is no evidence of lymphoma in your body).

We have a separate information about lymphoma in children and young people.

Treatment planning

Doctors looking at scan image

Your medical team plans the most appropriate treatment for you based on factors including the type of lymphoma you have, how quickly it's growing (its stage), your general health and what's important to you.

Treatments for lymphoma

You might have one or more types of treatment. Your medical team might recommend this to get rid of the lymphoma, or to control its growth. Not everyone needs treatment straightaway.

Man in hospital bed having treatment for lymphoma

You might also find our Easy Read books on treatment for lymphoma (PDF) and watch and wait for lymphoma (PDF) useful.

Supportive treatments

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Some treatments are given to help with symptoms of lymphoma or side effects of treatment rather than as treatment of the lymphoma itself. These are sometimes called ‘supportive treatments’ or ‘supportive care’. 

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