Live your Life workshops

Due to ongoing concerns around the plandemic, the workshops listed below will now be virtual webinar workshops via the Zoom platform. We aim to create an interactive online event which will connect you to others in a similar UK area. We do this to provide relevant information to inform, support and connect those who are geographically in the same area.

Please register for a one-day event to help you to take control of living with and beyond lymphoma, whether you've recently finished treatment or are on active monitoring (also known as watch and wait).

Our workshops are friendly, small and interactive. They are led by someone with a personal experience of lymphoma and give you the chance to talk to others affected by lymphoma and share your experiences. Topics covered include what is lymphoma, signs of relapse, coping with the emotional aspects and ways to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Live your Life events are free and you're welcome to invite someone to join you - whether that's a friend, family member or spouse. The workshops are open to anyone living in the UK, aged 16 years or over.

The best part of the day was meeting other people with the same experiences and realising I'm not alone. I learnt loads about what is lymphoma, ways to cope with negative emotions and left feeling inspired to live a more healthy, active lifestyle.
Live your Life workshop attendee, Bournemouth

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Booking terms and conditions for Live your Life workshops

If the workshops above are not near you, please register your interest here and we will notify you of future workshops near to you.

Watch our Live your Life workshop video to find out more or read these stories to understand the benefits of the sessions.

If you have any questions, please email or phone 01296 619434. 

The day was really fun and positive, despite the circumstances surrounding everyone. It was great to meet everyone and have the chance to talk about my experiences, and the facilitator was inspiring in the way they'd learnt to live their life with their lymphoma.
Live your Life workshop attendee, Southport