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Live your Life - what attending a workshop feels like

Around the country there are powerful and reaffirming conversations about just what a ‘new normal’ life looks like once treatment for lymphoma is over.

Live your Life workshops are day-long interactive events that are designed for those who have either finished their treatment for lymphoma, or who are on active monitoring.

The first Live your Life workshops were held in January 2017. Since then they have impacted the lives hundreds of people living with a lymphoma diagnosis.

At the beginning of each Live your Life workshop there’s usually an air of suspense. ‘Will this be a day of being talked at?’ ‘Is it worth taking a whole day out of my schedule for?’ However, when the facilitator begins with the introduction, describing their experience of lymphoma, the atmosphere in the room instantly changes. Attendees know there will be an open exchange in which everyone understands each other’s situation.

Live your Life workshops encourage you to live a life beyond your lymphoma diagnosis, finding your ‘new normal’. Once treatment has finished and/or if you’ve been placed on active monitoring (watch and wait), the expectation is that you’ll be really pleased and even euphoric. However, a more familiar feeling to you, or someone close to you, may be a feeling of anticipated expectancy that simply never arrives. You’re in a vacuum of not knowing where to go or what to do next. You wonder if the physical symptoms you feel are normal, you wonder if the thoughts you’re having are unique to you. Live your Life workshops help you manage these feelings and much more.

People leave feeling more hopeful, encouraged and with a wider network of connections.

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