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About Live your Life for CNSs

Live your Life is a peer-led, self-management workshop for people who have finished treatment for lymphoma or who are on active monitoring. It empowers and supports them to develop coping strategies to adjust to live their ‘new normal’. We could not run our Live your Life workshops without the help and support of local CNSs. Find out what difference they make, and why the support our self-management programme.

Taking a holistic approach to supporting individuals with lymphoma, the workshops cover both general health and wellbeing issues, and provide essential information to promote and empower a positive and healthy lifestyle. The workshops contribute to the Recovery Package of the National Cancer Survivorship initiative.

Our Live your Life workshops are free one-day events developed to support people at the end of treatment or when on active monitoring, which can be a time of isolation and anxiety. We encourage individuals to bring a family member or friend on the day.

Workshops are facilitated by trained volunteers with lived experience of lymphoma, who bring their skills and experiences to the group, encouraging attendees to feel confident to interact and share their experiences in a safe environment and with people who understand.
The workshop follows a set programme, presented as five modules:

  • being prudent, staying vigilant;
  • coping with the emotional aspects of lymphoma;
  • exercise, staying active and coping with the effects of treatment;
  • diet and nutrition; and
  • the practical aspects of living with lymphoma.

The workshop is designed to be relaxed and informal, and our small group size (up to 20 people) encourages discussion and interaction throughout the day. Attendees leave feeling connected, supported and empowered to manage their condition and regain a sense of control over their lives.


The impact of the workshops

Workshop attendees are encouraged to give feedback on the day, and to complete an evaluation survey, allowing us to help us understand the lasting impact of attending the workshops.

The impact of attending a workshop

Before, I felt apprehensive, worried and concerned about meeting other people outside of routine hospital appointments.Within minutes of arriving at the workshop I felt reassured by the relaxed atmosphere. Everyone engaged with one another and shared their experiences of lymphoma.

Jason, workshop attendee

Feedback from nurses

Our Live your Life programme is designed to support the delivery of the health and wellbeing element of the cancer recovery package, and focuses on supporting self-management.

They are a brilliant way of supporting patients at this time in their pathway.

Tracy, CNS who has supported workshops

During 2019, we asked CNSs who have supported the programme for feedback on the workshops and the difference they feel it has made to individuals.

  • 100% of respondents felt that the workshop helped to deliver the health and wellbeing event in the cancer recovery package.
  • 100% said that it was important that workshop facilitators have lived experience of lymphoma.
  • 100% said it was also valuable for family, friends and carers.

The outcomes for attendees

I am a big advocate of the Live your Life course. It is the best day around for lymphoma patients. I wish more people attended.

Charlotte, CNS who has supported workshops