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Live your Life materials

Attendees at Live your Life workshops are given a workbook containing materials covered during the workshop itself, and additional references and sources of information and support. Below you can access the workbook in its entirety, or individual modules, along with a video explaining how to check your lymph nodes if you have lymphoma.

Workbook materials

Below you can find the Live your Life workbook, as well as the individual modules presented as PDF documents. 

Live your Life workbook

Here you will find the entire workbook, which includes all of the modules below.

Module 1 - Know your lymphoma

This module covers: what lymphoma is, types and stages, symptoms, checking your nodes, the recovery package and follow-up appointments.

Module 2 - The emotional impact of lymphoma

The module covers: your feelings, depression, coping with difficult feelings, stress, relationships, mental wellbeing, and mindfulness.

Module 3 - Exercise and staying active

This module covers: the benefits of exercise, guidelines, planning your exercise, getting started, staying motivated.

Module 4 - Diet and nutrition

The module covers: the benefits of a healthy diet, what is a healthy diet, eating with and beyond lymphoma, healthy weight, alcohol, smoking.

Module 5 - Practical aspects of living with lymphoma

This module covers: coping with the effects of lymphoma treatment, late effects, travel, work and study, financial support.

Know your nodes video

This video explains how to self-check your lymph nodes. It is presented by a clinical nurse specialist, who demonstrates how to check lymph nodes in each area of the body.

This video is designed for you if you have a diagnosis of lymphoma, if you are self-monitoring for symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes. This might be because you are on active monitoring (or ‘watch and wait’) for your lymphoma, or you may have had treatment and are being vigilant for any signs of relapse.

Not everyone is comfortable checking their lymph nodes, and some healthcare professionals might discourage this for some individuals. However, some individuals feel that checking their lymph nodes can be an important part of their monitoring or self-management of their condition.

This video is designed for people who want to check their lymph nodes we hope it gives some useful guidance about how to do this effectively. It also gives guidance on when to do this, how often, and also about other symptoms to be aware of and report to your doctor if necessary.

You may like to talk to the healthcare professionals involved in your care about what they suggest – for you – about checking your lymph nodes.

If you are new to lymphoma, or you are concerned that you might have symptoms of lymphoma, you might also find this video helpful. However, please be aware that the video has been designed for people with a diagnosis of lymphoma, so you may also like to read our general introduction to lymphoma and information about possible symptoms of lymphoma.

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Additional resources

We have a number of additional resources that you may find helpful.

View our wellbeing videos, including on fatigue, diet, exercise, self-care and emotional wellbeing.