Young People's Live your Life workshops

Designed specifically for those aged 18-30 coming to the end of lymphoma treatment or on watch and wait, our Live your Life workshops can help you adapt and find your 'new normal'. 

Our workshops are facilitated by other young people with lymphoma. Fun and interactive days for a small group of people, they offer the chance to meet others of a similar age and diagnosis and share experiences. Topics covered in the workshops include:

  • What is lymphoma
  • Coping with the emotional aspects
  • Diet, exercise and healthy living after treatment
  • Education and work after cancer

After each workshop, there is an optional social activity so you can spend time with the people you've met.

Upcoming events:

We currently do not have any Young People's Live your Life workshops scheduled, but you can see a full list of our all-age Live your Life workshops here. 


If you have any questions about upcoming events, please email or phone 01296 619434. 

I have always said that life without cancer was actually harder than life with it. I really struggled when I entered remission. On the outside, I resembled a cancer patient, but inside I felt like a completely different person; someone I did not recognise and who could not relate to the person I saw in photos. I did not trust my body and I despised it physically. Two years on, my journey with cancer certainly has not ended.At a time when everyone thinks you are happy and able to live your life again; when people stop asking whether you are okay and when support systems often fade away, I believe that attending a LYL workshop is useful. It can be a place to momentarily offload, share doubts, fears and concerns with others. The LYL allow people to realise that just because the doctors say your cancer has finished, perhaps the journey and the reality of cancer has only just begun.
Natalia, diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma aged 20

Our Young People's Live your Life workshops are funded by BUPA UK Foundation.