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Our approach to health information

At Lymphoma Action, we’re committed to providing high quality information for people affected by lymphoma, their families and friends, and the healthcare professionals that support them. We are also an accredited Patient Information Forum (PIF) tick member, which indicates that we produce trustworthy health information.

Our information is evidence-based, approved by experts and reviewed by users.

Our information is evidence-basedapproved by experts and reviewed by users. By keeping up-to-date with latest developments, we ensure that our information stays relevant and reflects current practice.


Our experienced writers produce our information using credible, evidence-based sources. You can see these by looking at the reference list towards the bottom of each webpage or by emailing

We do not use artificial intelligence (AI) tools in drafting our information for people affected by lymphoma. We have a separate webpage about our use of digital tools and AI.

In line with good practice, we make it clear if evidence is lacking, mixed or inconclusive for a particular treatment, intervention or approach.

We keep our information up-to-date by reviewing it regularly and typically within a 3-year period. We also make updates if things change or move forwards before a planned review. If significant new information comes to light before the next planned review of a webpage (for example the approval of a new drug), we update the webpage before the next full review is due. Where appropriate, we check the wording of our updates with appropriate experts.

On each book, webpage and information sheet, you can see when it was last reviewed and when the next update is due.

We sometimes receive funding for our lymphoma information from pharmaceutical companies. This does not affect the balanced, impartial nature of our information. In accordance with how we work with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, sponsors have no involvement in the content and have no editorial input. Their name/s are clearly stated on the relevant information.

Approved by experts

In producing our health information, our writers work with professionals (Expert Reviewers) who have current knowledge, experience and expertise in the relevant field. If there is a difference of professional opinion between experts, we work with them to see if they can reach an agreement. If this isn’t possible, we make clear in our information that such a difference of opinion exists. You can see which experts have worked with our writers in the acknowledgements section of each book, webpage or information sheet.

As part of our review process involves this valuable input from professionals who work within the NHS, there might be unforeseeable circumstances that delay the publication of our information. As an interim measure, we ensure that we take steps to correct any information that is out-of-date. For content on our website that this applies to, we include a note that says: This information is due its regular review and is currently being checked by experts to ensure its continued accuracy.

Reviewed by users

We are led by people affected by lymphoma. This means that we’re guided in producing our information by what people affected by lymphoma and those close to them tell us. 

This includes:

  • Our Reader Panel, made up of volunteers with personal experience of lymphoma, including family members and friends of people who have had a lymphoma diagnosis. Some people on the panel don’t have any previous knowledge of lymphoma; their insights are valuable in helping us to create information for those who are newly diagnosed.
  • People who respond to our social media callouts, via our own channels and those of other organisations.
  • Expert Reviewers – health and social care professionals, for example, clinicians with relevant expertise, lymphoma nurse specialists, allied healthcare professionals and our Medical Advisory Panel (MAP).

We also review trends in topics raised with our Information and Support Team, who run our helpline services.

All of these people guide us so that we can address the common concerns people living with lymphoma have. We create our information together with them: they suggest key questions to cover, comment on drafts and give their views on the content, structure and format of each book, webpage and information sheet. They also tell us how clear and easy it is to understand. Our writers are informed by this feedback in preparing the final version.

Patient Information Forum Quality Mark

Logo from the Patient Information Forum, showing their PIF Tick stamp for health information that can be trusted

As a member of the Patient Information Forum (PIF)’s UK-wide Quality Mark for Health Information scheme, we produce our information in line with a set of criteria:

  • We create our information using consistent, documented processes.
  • The resources we produce meet a genuine need.
  • Our information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence.
  • We involve people affected by lymphoma in the development of our information.
  • We aim to meet the needs of our audience, taking into account aspects such as health and digital literacy needs, as well as language and accessibility.
  • We encourage feedback to help guide us in our work.

We aim to produce clear information that is easy to find, understand and use. We also look for ways to help evaluate and measure the impact of our information.

You can read the full set of 10 criteria on the PIF website.

You will see the PIF tick on any of our resources produced after 15 July 2022 (the date that we received notification of our accreditation).

Health and digital literacy charter

We want to help people understand information about lymphoma and support them in using services to take care of their health. By signing the Patient Information Forum's health and digital literacy charter, we have pledged our commitment and ongoing effort to do so.

Questions or comments

If you have any questions about our information, or you’d like to give feedback, please get in touch at or call 01296 619409. You can also tell us what you think about individual webpages by using the ‘send us your feedback’ feedback button.

Lymphoma Action Disclaimer

Although we make all reasonable efforts to ensure our content and the services we deliver are accurate and up-to-date at the time of production and delivery, we make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the content is accurate, complete or up-to-date, particularly in relation to medical research which is constantly changing.

Our content has been developed for people living in the UK and is provided for general information only and primarily for personal and educational use. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely and should not be considered or taken as a replacement for medical advice. You must obtain professional, medical or specialist advice before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of our content. Lymphoma Action cannot accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from any inaccuracy in our information or third party information referenced in it.

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