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Live Chat Terms of Use

Our Live Chat service is provided by Zendesk chat. 

Anyone requesting to contact us via Live Chat will be responded to by a member of our helpline services team.

Our team provides information and support to anyone affected by lymphoma – individuals, family, partners and friends.

Our team are not medically qualified and a chat with us should not be intended as a substitute for professional medical guidance. We would always encourage anyone with a health concern to speak with a member of their medical team.

Occasionally our Live Chat service is used by individuals who are worried that they may have lymphoma although they have not been diagnosed. We always encourage anyone with concerns about their health to speak with their GP. 

We can exclude a Live Chat user if they:

  • become abusive, threatening, use inappropriate sexually explicit language or tries to prevent the service being used effectively by others.

How we contact you

If you contact us via Live Chat and we are not available to chat, you will receive a message saying that we are not available. A copy of your chat will be sent to us and we may email you a reply and offer for you to contact us again (if you leave your email address).

If you contact us via Live Chat when the service is closed, you will be given the option to message us through the service. A copy of your message will be sent to us and we may email you a reply and offer for you to contact us again (if you leave your email address).

What information we can see about you

Live chat transcripts (copies of the messages you leave or any conversations you have with us via live Chat) are stored electronically for 24 months for training, evaluation, and for reviewing the levels of caller satisfaction. In most cases the team are able to see your geographical area, any previous Live Chats you've had with us, and your navigation through the website. We can only see your name and email address if you decide to disclose this on Live Chat. Please see our helpline confidentiality policy for further information.

Lymphoma Action reserves the right to make changes to the terms of use when necessary and without notice, but we will do our best to ensure that any significant changes are made clear to all registered users.

About  Zendesk chat

Our Live Chat service is hosted by a third-party provider Zendesk chat. Any information you supply, message that you send us, or conversation that you have with us, is available to, and relayed to us by, Zendesk chat, and we receive this information by email. Zendesk chat are committed to the highest standards of information security.