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Our use of digital tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Lymphoma Action is committed to the transparent and ethical use of digital and AI tools. Whilst we recognise that such tools can be necessary and, in some instances, transformative, we take a values-based approach to their use so that we remain a trusted source of information and support. 

Whilst we have a mature Digital and ICT Strategy and use digital tools to deliver services, from our online support meetings to our webinars and podcasts, we are in a trial phase for AI tools and using them only in very prescribed and specific circumstances. AI is not fundamentally changing the way that we operate or our business processes. We promise that:

  • We will use or trial AI tools only within the confines of clear policies and guidance for staff, and in a safe and planned manner, with particular guidance developed for the use of generative AI tools,
  • Whilst we may use tools to research or spark ideas, all our patient information will continue to be authentic and drafted by our Publications teams,
  • We will use image editing tools ethically and within strict confines and will never use tools which are inauthentic in their portrayal of images, voices or audio of people,
  • We do not put any sensitive, private, confidential or embargoed information into AI tools and will continue to prioritise data integrity, data privacy and data protection,
  • We will train and educate our staff in the use of digital tools in line with our values and will share our learnings across the organisation, supported by appropriate guidance,
  • We will always be transparent with our supporters and beneficiaries about our use of AI tools. 
  • We will use donated funds as effectively as possible and explore where AI has the potential to make those funds go further or create a greater impact for people affected by lymphoma, so long as it is done in line with our guidance and this statement.