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How we deal with requests to translate our information

Lymphoma Action will on some occasions, and in accordance with our protocol, allow information to be translated by other organisations. 

Our information resources are the intellectual property of Lympoma Action and may not be reproduced, transmitted or translated without permission. However, on some occasions, and in accordance with this protocol, we may allow information to be translated by other organisations. 

Our information resources

Lymphoma Action produce accredited, evidence-based, expert and lay reviewed information which is available on our website and in hard copy. This information is for use in the UK only. It has been developed for people living and receiving treatment in the UK and is provided for general information only and primarily for personal and educational use. It is the intellectual property of Lympoma Action and may not be reproduced or transmitted without permission. 

  • Lymphoma Action regularly reviews information to ensure it is up-to-date and remains relevant.
  • Lymphoma Action co-produces resources with healthcare professionals and people affected by lymphoma. With permission Lymphoma Action use personal stories, photos and quotes from individuals.
  • Lymphoma Action value collaboration and sharing of resources with charitable and corporate partners. To ensure the maintained accuracy and quality of the information Lymphoma Action’s preferred method of sharing is to provide a link directly to the website.
  • Lymphoma Action will on some occasions, and in accordance with protocol, allow information to be translated by other organisations.
  • Lymphoma Action is committed to improving access to its resources and plans continuous improvement in the availability of directly translated/translatable materials.

Protocol for sharing information for translation

To make a request to translate Lymphoma Action information, email or write to Lymphoma Action, Unit 3 Bell Business Park, Smeaton Close, Aylesbury, Buck HP19 8JR, United Kingdom. Ask for our 'Translation agreement'.

Before translation is agreed, Lymphoma Action will:

  • ensure the translation request is from a recognised and trusted partner, for example a member of the Lymphoma Coalition, a healthcare establishment (not individual), a pharmaceutical company we have an established relationship with
  • investigate why the materials require translation and why the aim for their use cannot be met with a link to our website
  • establish precisely what information is required. They will make it clear that no personal stories, photos, quotes, or diagrams can be used
  • establish the work required by Lymphoma Action, for example providing the text for translation
  • send the requester our disclaimer for information
  • ask that all requests be discussed with and agreed by a member of the Lymphoma Action Senior Management Team.

Translation agreement

Translation cannot be carried out until an agreement has been made in writing with Lymphoma Action. This will ask the requester to agree, sign and return in writing the following:

  • We (name) undertake to make an accurate translation of the text for (insert agreed information).
  • We will not use the Lymphoma Action logo.
  • We will not include personal stories, photos, videos, films, webinars, podcasts, diagrams, and quotes.
  • We will not include the PIF TICK accreditation or any mention of it.
  • We will not include the names of any expert or lay reviewers.
  • We will not reference any funders or supporters where relevant.
  • We will translate and add the disclaimer provided by Lymphoma Action.
  • We will provide Lymphoma Action with a copy of or link to the resource.
  • We recognise it is our responsibility to ensure we maintain this content, and approach Lymphoma Action for updates on a regular basis.
  • We recognise that due to differences across the world in health and social care, as well as cultural practices, some details within Lymphoma Action’s content might not apply to our audience.

Disclaimer to be added to all translations approved

Lymphoma Action request that all agreed translations carry the following disclaimer.


This information has been translated from resources produced by Lymphoma Action. Lymphoma Action produces accredited information for the population of the UK.

Lymphoma Action takes no responsibility for the quality or content of this translation, or for keeping it up-to-date.