Wellbeing videos

We have a series of videos that cover various aspects of physical health and emotional wellbeing. 

Videos on this page:

Your appointments

Your emotional wellbeing and mental health

Your physical wellbeing

We also have a number of videos on COVID-19, including about vaccines.

Getting the best from your medical appointments

This video looks at how to get the best from your medical appointments, whether you have them in-person, by phone or by video.

This video was filmed during a live webinar on Friday 27 November 2020. We were joined by consultant Dr Pam McKay, advanced nurse practitioner Charlotte Bloodworth, and Mike and Sandra, who have lymphoma.

You might also like to see our video on how to check your lymph nodes, and our list of questions to ask your doctors.

Accessing your GP

This video looks at how to make best use of your GP surgery’s services in the current climate, including changes in service delivery and provisions in place to ensure the safety of the clinically extremely vulnerable during visits to the surgery. 

This video was filmed during a live webinar on Tuesday 15 December 2020. We were joined by Dr Tom Kneale, RCGP North Wales Education, Dr Elaine Hampton, Macmillan GP Facilitator and Dr John Perkins, retired GP, living with blood cancer.

Focusing on your emotional wellbeing and mental health

Watch our video on emotional wellbeing and mental health. In conversation with Lymphoma Action's Karen Bonell, psychologist Angela Waind talks about tips and strategies for looking after your wellbeing, and what services are available to help.


You can also listen to this interview as a podcast

Listen to the podcast

Looking after your mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic

This video focuses on using coping strategies to look after your mental wellbeing during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Recorded as part of our live webinar on WM and COVID-19 on 19 June 2020, the information is this video is relevant to anyone with lymphoma, as well as family, friends and carers.

Coping with fatigue - a joint webinar with Leukaemia Care

This webinar focused on the causes of fatigue and how it might affect individuals. It looked at helpful definitions and how to explain it to other people, and covered coping strategies and information to better live with fatigue.

We were joined by Angela Watts, Senior Research Nurse, Dr Anne Johnson, Consultant Occupational Therapist, and an individual with lived experience of fatigue caused by blood cancer.

The video was recorded during our live webinar on Wednesday 28 October 2020.

Download the slides from the webinar

You may also like to see our information on fatigue.

Navigating the pathway of lymphoma and leukaemia - a joint webinar with Leukaemia Care

There are various stages in someone's blood cancer experience that can present particular challenges, times of distress, and changes. During this webinar we focused on some of these stages, the common issues and some of the support and strategies that can be helpful to put in place both from a healthcare professional and an individual's perspective.

We  were joined by Consultant Haematologist, Dr Prem Mahendra, Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Barbara von Barsewisch and two individuals with personal experience of lymphoma and leukaemia.

This video was recorded during a live webinar on Wednesday 30 September 2020.



Living well with SLL/CLL - a joint webinar with Leukaemia Care

The aim of this webinar was to support those with SLL/CLL to live well with their diagnosis, discussing topics such as how to monitor your health, coping mechanisms such as mindfulness or exercise and how and when to reach out for support. 

We were joined by Professor Chris Fegan, University Hospital Wales, Helen Knight, CLL CNS Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, and John and Jackie, both living with CLL.

This video was recorded during a live webinar on Monday 15 February 2021.

Diet and nutrition

Regional Development Manager Karen Bonell talks to Lymphoma CNS Sarah Wells about diet, nutrition, how to eat well and how to manage eating-related side effects of lymphoma and treatment.

This video was recorded in August 2020.

See our information about diet and nutrition.

Exercise and keeping physically active

Regional Development Manager Karen Bonell talks to Lifestyle Advisor (cancer exercise specialist) Jane Mullarkey about how to keep active and exercise while at home.

This video was recorded in July 2020.


See our information about exercise and physical activity.

Our 'skincare and make-up questions answered' webinar with our friends at Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better's Dulcie Rowe answers commonly asked questions about skincare and makeup for anyone with lymphoma.

This video is a recording of a live webinar, presented on 27 May 2020.

Learn how to tie a headscarf with Lymphoma Action's Nika!

Nika shows five simple seated rejuvenating stretches that you can do at home

Videos from our friends at Look Good Feel Better

The team at Look Good Feel Better was going to join us on the day to talk through tips for skin care and make-up, which can be important for many people who are coping with lymphoma symptoms of the side effects of treatment. 

Eyebrow tutorial - for men

Eyebrow tutorial - for women

Looking after your nails

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