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Online Support Facilitator (OSF)

This page has useful information and resources for your role as an Online Support Facilitator.

Many of the OSF resources are currently under review and will be added to this page as they are completed.  If you need information or guidance that doesn't yet appear on this page, please ask your volunteer manager or the Volunteering Team.

Lymphoma Action policies and procedures

Incident report form
Personal safety checklist for volunteers
Sharing information responsibly

OSF information and guidance 

These materials are under review and more will be added in due course.

Online Support Facilitator role description
How to join a Lymphoma Action online support meeting (via Zoom)

Lymphoma Action services and support

  • Helpline Services - this page gives contact details and outlines what our Helpline does - and doesn't - offer. It also has details of our interpreting service Language Line.
  • Support for you - the main page, containing links to all of our support services.
  • News - this page has the archive of news articles, in date order, which you can filter via the drop-down of topics.
  • Lymphoma Matters Magazine - library of magazines from current edition back to Spring 2019
  • Lymphoma Voices podcasts - library of all podcasts
  • Personal stories - our library of personal stories, which you can filter by types of lymphoma and other topics.

Information useful in your role

A selection of the key webpages that you need to be familiar with, so you can discuss participants' experience and concerns, and signpost them to this information on the website.

All things COVID -  Vaccinations, testing, treatment, living with COVID and how to stay safe
Accessible information - our range of Easy Read booklets and other resources that might be helpful for some individuals

Understanding lymphoma

The emotional impact of lymphoma

Practical aspects of living with lymphoma

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