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Facebook fundraiser tips

Thank you so much for choosing to support our work via Facebook - we have put together these tips to help you make your Facebook fundraiser a success! 

  • Tell your story - if people know why this fundraiser is important to you they are more likely to donate, so make sure you write in your Facebook fundraiser description about why you are raising money for Lymphoma Action!
  • Tell everyone about us - if people know about the work we do, they will see how their donation could make a difference. You can find a nice summary here
  • Explain how the money raised will help - did you know that £10 could help us send out award winning information booklets to people who have just been diagnosed? We have a handy list of facts just like that here 
  • Spread the word - post about your Facebook fundraiser on Facebook and other social media to let everyone know you are raising money. This is the best way to ask for donations!  
  • Ask your friends and family to help - ask your loved ones to share your fundraiser on their social media too and reach even more people! 
  • Remind people about Gift Aid - Gift Aid allows charities to claim tax back on donations, so make sure you remind everyone who donates to check if they are eligible (they must be paying tax in the UK) 
  • Remember every little helps - don't feel under pressure to raise a big amount, every penny raised makes a difference to people affected by lymphoma 
  • Say thank you - show everyone who supports you how much your appreciate it with a message of thanks
  • Have fun - the more enthusiastic you are the more fun you will have and the more donations you will receive!
Want to start fundraising for us on Facebook? Just click here.

Please note, a Facebook fundraiser is only open to donations for a maximum of a few months at a time. If you will be fundraising for a long period of time, for instance if you are running a marathon or taking part in an overseas trek, we recommend you use a specific charity fundraising website