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Photo tips

Using photos of your training/prep and your fundraising activity will make any articles or social media posts stand out and be more interesting. More people will read it, meaning more awareness and hopefully more sponsorship and donations! 

Your local media is also more likely to run your story with a photo, so it’s important to get some good quality images.

  • Have a plain background for your photos and try not to have too much going on - unless you’re setting a scene.
  • Wear Lymphoma Action t-shirts or running vests in photos when possible.
  • Training photos will be popular with your local media, so get photos of you running, cycling, swimming, in the gym or wherever else you may be!
  • Take high res photos and save them as jpgs - save them as they come off the camera and avoid resizing them.
  • Local professional photographers may be willing to take photos of your event - if you know any photographers it’s worth an ask!
  • Try to get lots of different shots, including 'action’ shots! For example at a run you could have a photo at the starting line, during the event, from the spectators’ view and at the finish line. 

We would love to see your photos! Please tag us in any social media posts @LymphomaAction and if you would be happy for us to use them in our materials (online and offline) please email them to

Good luck with your fundraising and thank you in advance for your support - together we can make sure no one faces their lymphoma alone.