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Understanding lymphoma

It's important that you have a reasonable understanding of lymphoma throughout your volunteering.

You can read the latest news about treatment for lymphoma, national initiatives and our responses to different topics here.
Did you know that the periwinkle flower on our logo has cancer-fighting properties? 

Lymphoma Action has a whole host of information about lymphoma and the personal experiences of people affected. Please read our About lymphoma briefing sheet to understand more, along with the suggested resources below:

Personal stories

Ian talks about the challenge of treatment and the positive effect it had on his life
Katie shares her experience of a clinical trial
Lyle talks about his diagnosis and treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma at 19 years old
Imtiaz talks about his diagnosis of central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma

You can read all personal stories here.

Videos and animations

About Lymphoma Action animation
What is lymphoma? An animated introduction to lymphoma
Talking to people: Natalia's experience
Caring for your partner with lymphoma: Sue and Neville’s story

You can watch all videos here.

Lymphoma Voices (Podcasts)

Volunteering: a sense of community with two of our volunteers Penny and Mark
Why I find lymphoma so interesting with consultant haematologist Dr Graham Collins
Kicking on with Robbie Fergusson, Scotland 7s international rugby union player 
This version of me with Nia, who moved from the USA to the UK

You can listen to all podcasts here

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