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Ruby talks about her diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma at age 13.


I actually had lots of symptoms of lymphoma before my diagnosis in 2023, but at the time I had no idea what the reason was behind them. I had extremely itchy lower legs, an egg sized lump on the left side of my neck and I felt really fatigued. I went to the GP a few times before I was sent to the hospital, and that’s when everything happened really fast.

I had lots of scans at the hospital– including CT, MRI, PET and ultrasound scans and chest X-rays. I also had a biopsy before I was given my official diagnosis of classical Hodgkin lymphoma. I was told that my treatment would start at the end of that week, and I would be having a central line fitted so I could receive four rounds of chemotherapy (two cycles of OEPA and two cycles of COPDAC). 

I was terrified. It was a big, big struggle but I got through it with the help of my family and my nurses. I had no clue what mental struggles cancer could bring, and the type of grief you feel after you don’t recognise yourself anymore.

As I write this, I am three months in remission and am working on getting back to myself. I want to say that for anyone going through this, you are not alone – we are all with you.