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Activities for current volunteers

When logging hours for these activities, please select 'Occasional support' as the volunteering role unless you are a Community Volunteer.

Distribute our information
Raise awareness of lymphoma, the Charity’s services and events by distributing and displaying posters, flyers and information in your own time, across your community.

Review our information
Give us feedback on our informational webpages (under About lymphoma and Types of lymphoma) by clicking on the ‘Send us your feedback’ button below the ‘Was this page useful?’ text on the side menu.

Admin research for local events
Make a list of upcoming events in your local area that representatives of the Charity can attend or get involved with. Whether you’d like to help with the event yourself, or leave it for other volunteers in your area, we’re always looking for more opportunities.

Be a champion for lymphoma
Get in touch with us if you or your family and friends have links to a company, school, sports or social club, or any other organisation that might be interested in supporting us.

Share our animations
Tell another person about our What is lymphoma? animation and our About Lymphoma Action animation or share the videos with them, to help us raise awareness of lymphoma. 

Cause to celebrate?
Donating for your birthday, anniversary, being in remission or other big celebration is a really special way to help others affected by lymphoma.  It’s so easy to organise and a wonderful way to show how much you care. Find out more here.

Co-ordinate a collection tin
Help us raise money by placing collection tins in your local shops and co-ordinating the collection and counting of donations made.

Supermarket schemes
There are supermarkets that support local causes by donating money to different charities, as voted on by their shoppers. Nominate Lymphoma Action for one of your local supermarkets!

Get involved on social media
Like and share our posts on your personal social media accounts or blogs to help us reach a wider audience and continue to build a supportive online community. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts!  Facebook, InstagramX (Twitter)

Take part during campaigns to help raise awareness of lymphoma. We'll continue to update this page with links to any current campaigns we're running:
- Have a look at how to support us this Christmas.

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