Emotional wellbeing toolkit

Living with lymphoma can have an impact on your life in many ways including on your physical, social, spiritual, and psychological or emotional health.

On this page, you’ll find an emotional toolkit – a set of resources with information, tips and techniques to improve your emotional wellbeing if you, or someone you’re supporting, is living with and beyond lymphoma.

A stack of stones sits on the bank of a river

On this page

An introduction video

Guided mindfulness relaxation

Using mindfulness to slow down and hit the pause button 

Additional downloadable resources

An introduction

In this video, consultant counselling psychologist Angela Waind talks about emotional wellbeing: what it is, how it can be affected by lymphoma and why, how it can be affected for people supporting an individual with lymphoma, and around some of the strategies and tools that might be helpful for supporting positive emotional wellbeing.

Video: 50 minutes.

Guided mindfulness relaxation

In this video, Angela takes you through a guided meditation.

Video: 5 minutes

Using mindfulness to slow down and hit the pause button 

In this video, Angela talks through two guided sessions:

  • soothing rhythm breathing (starts at 3 minutes); and
  • leaves on a stream (starts at 9 minutes).

Video: 17 minutes

    Additional downloadable resources

    Below is a 'toolkit' of resources that you can download and print at home. Each has been created with Angela Waind, and can be used on their own or together.

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