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Join our CAR T-cell therapy for lymphoma webinar

Published on: 2 August 2023

On Wednesday 9 August from 12.30pm – 1.30pm.

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Please join us for our free webinar about CAR T-cell therapy, a relatively new type of treatment for lymphoma.

Available in a limited number of hospitals across the UK, CAR T-cell therapy involves using an individual’s own immune system cells, called T-cells, which are modified to target and destroy cancerous lymphoma cells. This type of treatment is used for some types of lymphoma that have either not responded to treatment or where the lymphoma has relapsed after standard treatment. It is quite intensive and so is not suitable for everyone, and requires a stay in hospital so that the individual can be closely monitored.

Joining our Lymphoma Action host on the webinar panel are two healthcare professionals who will explain what this treatment offers, how it works and the process for having it. The panel will also include an individual who has received CAR T-cell therapy and will talk about their lived experience of the treatment. The aims of the webinar session are:

  • to offer support by helping people with lymphoma who may be eligible for CAR T-cell therapy understand more about what this treatment involves and the practical, physical and emotional impacts it can present.
  • to help family, friends and carers to learn more about the treatment, and how they can support an individual who receives it during their recovery.

Our CAR T-cell therapy for lymphoma webinar is the latest in a series of Lymphoma Action webinars, available for viewing as follows: