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Where your money goes

Your donation could help a person who may be feeling scared and worried to receive the help, support and lymphoma information they need - when they most need it. 

Together we can make sure no one faces lymphoma alone.

  • £2.50 could cover the costs to get our information to someone who has just been diagnosed with lymphoma
  • £6 could give one person access to lymphoma-specific clinical trials information
  • £25 could allow 10 people to access information and support through our online podcasts, videos and webinars
  • £42 could allow someone to attend online support meetings, spending time with others affected by lymphoma
  • £55 could provide 22 people with vital information through our specialist lymphoma booklets
  • £102 could enable us to more fully support three people who have been diagnosed to prepare for treatment
  • £250 could cover the cost for 10 people to receive vital emotional support and information from our specialist Helpline Team
  • £355 could pay for one person to access essential self-management and support information through a Live Your Life course

Please give what you can - as you can see, even a small amount can make a huge difference for people affected by lymphoma.