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COVID-19 and lymphoma

We've brought together the latest information about COVID-19 and how it affects people with lymphoma. This information comes from authoritative sources, including the UK government, NICE and the NHS. 

If you have symptoms of lymphoma or signs of infection, please contact your GP surgery or your clinical team. It is important that you don't ignore symptoms that could be serious.


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COVID-19 guidance and treatment

Current COVID-19 guidance for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



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COVID-19 vaccination and boosters

Vaccines remain the best line of defence against COVID-19. Find out about the vaccination programme in the UK, including which vaccines are available and who is eligible.


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Staying safe and reducing your risk of COVID-19

Tips on reducing your risk of getting COVID-19 and passing it on to others.



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Living with COVID-19 video

Recording of a live webinar held in May 2022 discussing how we you may choose to live following the end of COVID-19 restrictions.