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Lymphoma Voices (podcasts)

Lymphoma Voices is a series of podcasts for people living with lymphoma, and their family and friends. In each podcast, we are in conversation with an expert in their field, or someone who has been personally affected by lymphoma, who shares their thoughts and experiences. 

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Lymphoma Action's series of podcasts

Podcast episodes

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No one like me is talking about this

Mez talks with honesty about his diagnosis and treatment for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. As a 42-year old Indian Hindu with a wife and 1-year old daughter, he found it hard to find others going through the same experience and wanted to share his story to support others like himself. He talks about the challenges of treatment and how he created circles of friends and family to support him through the difficult times. Mez is a problem solver and explains how important it was for him to arm himself with as much information about lymphoma as possible; leaving clinical decisions to the medical professionals who he put his trust in. He speaks candidly about his struggles with fatigue and extreme short-term memory loss and strategies he adopted to help him. Now in remission, and with a new addition to his family, Mez cherishes the joys of family.

You can hear more from Mez on his YouTube channel.

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Wherever there is a medicine there is a pharmacist - the role of the hospital pharmacist

Tom Kerry is the Lead Pharmacist for Oncology at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay. In our latest podcast, Tom takes you behind the scenes of the hospital pharmacist. He explains how pharmacists work with the wider clinical team, including haematologists and clinical nurse specialists. He explains how the pharmacist provides the expertise when it comes to medicines, ensuring they are used in the right setting and for the right person. He also explains how the pharmacist is key to ensuring newly approved drugs are available to prescribers and therefore to patients.  

Don't walk the journey by yourself

In this podcast Mike and Kasia talk about their diagnosis of cutaneous (skin) lymphoma. Mike has had skin lymphoma since 1999 and Kasia was diagnosed in 2023. Both Mike and Kasia are living with mycosis fungoides (MF), which is the most common type of skin lymphoma. Five years seems to be a bit of a theme, as Mike was living with MF for five years before he found out he had a skin lymphoma. Kasia started struggling with severe itching when she was pregnant and it was hoped the itching would go away once the baby arrived. However, it ended up taking five years until a diagnosis was finally reached. Over the years, Mike has had treatment with topical creams, ultraviolet light therapies UVB and PUVA and retinoid (oral) drugs including Baxarotene. However, the symptoms kept reappearing, so Mike went on to have treatment with allogeneic stem cell transplantation (using a donor). This has resulted in him being symptom-free since 2015. Kasia is currently using topical steroids as well as methotrexate (an immunosuppressant), but acknowledges that she is at an early stage with her skin lymphoma. She explains how something as simple as having a shower causes her excruciatingly pain. Both Mike and Kasia talk about the challenges of living with a skin lymphoma, including the effect it has on family and work and the difficulties of living with a rare condition that very few people have even heard of.

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A life amplified

Def Leppard guitarist Viv Campbell talks about his career and his diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma. He explains how Marc Bolan of T-Rex inspired him to become a musician and the joy and theatricality of performing with Def Leppard worldwide. Troubled by a number of symptoms, he shares his feelings on having a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma and the treatment he was facing. He explains how he was certain he wanted to keep working as music is his life and how, not for the first time, the band were able to adapt.  Viv speaks with honesty about the challenges of the various treatments he has had to keep one step ahead of his cancer. He marvels at life, making it clear that he won’t let his lymphoma hold him back from living an amplified life.

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Health Technology Assessments: NICE providing support to the NHS in the best way for the benefit of patients

Helen Knight, Director of Medicines and Evaluation at the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), talks to Lymphoma Action’s Policy and Public Affairs Advisor, Tara Steeds. In the podcast they discuss Health Technology Assessments and their role in making new treatments available through the NHS. They also discuss the role and impact of people with lived experience of lymphoma in the process, as well as that of organisations like Lymphoma Action.

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Having courageous conversations with your important people

Dallas and Lesley share a passion to change society’s relationship with death and dying, and to support all of us to have timely conversations about our wishes, should a time come when we can no longer speak for ourselves; through a lack of mental capacity or when we die. Courageous conversations with those who are important to us can be empowering and reassuring for those we leave to make decisions on our behalf. In this podcast, Dallas and Lesley talk about triggers for thinking about these issues, practical things to consider, how to plan for and have these conversations, and how - once you've had the conversation - you can pack your wishes into a box and put it away until later.

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If you'd like to read more about anything listed below, please visit our bespoke page here.

  1. Information on practical aspects
  2. Information about planning for end of life, and having conversations with your important people
  3. Sources of support around bereavement and grief
  4. Helplines.



Beating the odds is not without its challenges

John’s lymphoma story begins almost 50 years ago in the shipyards of Newcastle and a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma that was kept from him. In a twist of fate, his daughter also received a blood cancer diagnosis. In this podcast John talks about his emotional lymphoma experience which led him to a career as a lymphoma clinical nurse specialist and more recently an author. He talks also about what helped him through some dark times and how he feels about being one of the longest cancer survivors.

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Radiotherapy – offering a targeted approach to treatment

In this podcast Professor George Mikhaeel, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundations Trust, explains what radiotherapy therapy is and when it is used in the treatment of lymphoma. He explains the three steps involved – an initial consultation and consent, the planning phase and then treatment. Although radiotherapy was available before chemotherapy, there have been enormous advances in this form of treatment and Professor Mikhaeel explains how and when it offers a really targeted approach to treatment.

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With a low-grade lymphoma, I feel like I’m living on countdown

Lou was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2017. In this podcast, she talks about how living with a low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma can be challenging; wondering when and if you will need treatment again, the impact of living with lymphoma on her mental health, and the value of information and support at the right time.

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Talking about stem cell transplants - in conversation with Angela Leather and John Murray

In this podcast, John Murray, Nurse Clinician in Bone Marrow Transplant and Angie Leather who is a Lead Nurse for Transplant and Haematology CNS talk to Lymphoma Action's Anne Hook. They discuss the role of stem cell transplants in the treatment of lymphoma, when they are used, and the important differences between allogeneic (donor) and autologous (self) transplants. They also cover the challenges in deciding between these two different treatment options. This podcast includes discussions around this often very difficult subject, and contains information on side effects and treatment outcomes that may be potentially upsetting.

If you would like to talk to us about any of the issues covered in this podcast, you can contact us on our freephone Helpline on 0808 808 5555, via Live Chat on our website, from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, or email us at

You can find a transcript of this podcast here.

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Two perspectives, one lymphoma

Lyle was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2021, at the age of 19. In this podcast, Lyle and his mum Julie talk about their shared experience of lymphoma, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, and how their experience inspired them to fundraise for Lymphoma Action.

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The role of the radiologist in the diagnosis and management of lymphoma - Manil Subesinghe

In this podcast, Manil Subesinghe, talks to us about the vital role radiology plays in the diagnosis and management of lymphoma. This podcast gives an insight into this key role in guiding treatment and decision-making, reviewing treatment outcomes, and in overall supporting individuals with lymphoma.

You might also like to watch our video on Scans and lymphoma from Dr Manil Subesinghe.

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Volunteering: a sense of community

Two of our volunteers Penny and Mark join Carly, Volunteering Development Manager, to share life as a Lymphoma Action volunteer and how their volunteering makes a difference for people affected by lymphoma and their own personal experience of lymphoma.

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This version of me

Shortly after 28-year-old Nia had moved to the UK from the USA, she discovered a lump in her neck. Here she talks about her diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma, how healthcare differs in the UK compared with the USA, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and ways she coped with treatment.

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Katie clinical trial podcast web image

My experience of treatment on a clinical trial

In this episode, Anne Hook, Lymphoma Action's Publication Manager is in conversation with Katie, who has lymphoma and has been receiving treatment through a clinical trial.

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Understanding relapse in lymphoma

In this podcast, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Charlotte Bloodworth explains what relapsing in lymphoma means, strategies for treating and managing relapse, and support strategies for coping with concerns around relapse.

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Support is the thing that helps you to cope - in conversation with Lord Menzies Campbell

Lord Menzies Campbell, Patron of Lymphoma Action, talks to the Charity's Chief Executive, Ropinder Gill, about his esteemed and varied career, how some of his greatest achievements have been since his diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2002 and the important role that charities play when influencing policy and decision makers to ensure better health outcomes for those affected by cancer.

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Image of Bridget Wilkins

The role of the pathologist in the diagnosis of lymphoma - in conversation with Dr Bridget Wilkins

Bridget Wilkins, Consultant Haematopathologist, takes us through the fascinating topic of pathology: what it is and the role it plays in the diagnosis and management of lymphoma. This podcast gives an insight into this important role within the multidisciplinary team supporting individuals with lymphoma.

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Robbie Fergusson podcast

Kicking on - in conversation with Robbie Fergusson

Scotland 7s international rugby union player and Team GB member, Robbie Fergusson, and Lymphoma Action volunteer Mike Taylor both reflect on their experiences with lymphoma. Robbie talks about the impact of his Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis on his career at the time, his recovery post-treatment and his experience of taking part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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Dr Dan Monnery podcast

Enhanced supportive care and its role within the holistic management of lymphoma - in conversation with Dr Dan Monnery

Palliative Care Consultant and NHS England National Clinical Advisor for Enhanced Supportive Care, Dr Dan Monnery talks about the principles of enhanced supportive care (ESC), the benefits to this approach and how it differs from other types of care, and his wish that ESC be offered to everyone receiving a cancer diagnosis.

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Giles Andreae in conversation

The last surviving sperm in the facility

In this podcast, poet, author and illustrator Giles Andreae reflects on his lymphoma experience. He talks about an extraordinary initial diagnosis (3:32), his determination to preserve his fertility (8:43) and his treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma (19:36). He explains why he only wants to write about love and happiness (32:00) and how a later cancer diagnosis was even more challenging (33:30). Published in August 2021.

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Jamie Beamish in conversation

Being in the company of people - in conversation with Jamie Beamish

In this podcast, Bridgerton and Derry Girls actor Jamie Beamish talks to us about his experience of Hodgkin lymphoma, the impact his diagnosis had on his career at the time and the stem cell transplant he received as part of his treatment. Published in March 2021.

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Little rocks and lollipops podcast

Little rocks and lollipops - in conversation with Emma Forbes

In this podcast, Emma talks to us about her experience of supporting her sister, Sarah, who has a diagnosis of lymphoma. Published in February 2021.

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Looking to the future podcast

Looking to the future and the kindness of strangers - in conversation with Sarah Standing and Emma Forbes

In this podcast, sisters Sarah and Emma talk to us about Sarah's diagnosis of lymphoma in 2020, and the emotional challenges of supporting a loved one at a distance. Published in February 2021.

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Angela Waind podcast

Focusing on your emotional wellbeing - in conversation with Angela Waind

In this podcast, Consultant Counselling Psychologist Angela Waind talks to Lymphoma Action's Karen Bonell about emotional wellbeing and mental health, the links with physical health, and strategies to help support positive mental wellbeing. Recorded on 9 December 2020.

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Why I find lymphoma so interesting podcast

Why I find lymphoma so interesting - in conversation with Dr Graham Collins

In this podcast, consultant haematologist Dr Graham Collins talks to Lymphoma Action's Anne Hook about why he feels that lymphoma is so interesting. Recorded on 27 November 2020.

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Sarah Jarvis podcast

The role of the GP in managing lymphoma - in conversation with Sarah Jarvis

In this podcast, Dr Sarah Jarvis talks to Lymphoma Action's Stephen Scowcroft about the role of the GP, not just in referring people who have symptoms of lymphoma, but also for those with a lymphoma diagnosis. Recorded on 28 August 2020.

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Any views or opinions expressed in these podcasts are that of the guest speakers and do not represent that of Lymphoma Action. 
This information does not constitute medical advice. For more information view our disclaimer.

We are grateful to Janno Media for hosting the Lymphoma Voice podcasts.