Research projects and reports

This page has been designed as a place to share reports from any research projects you have completed, or to promote any ongoing research that your healthcare professional colleagues can get involved with.

Research projects

Below are currently active research projects. Please contact the project coordinator or contact directly for more information. Please note that Lymphoma Action is not connected to, nor responsible for, any of the projects listed here.

Research project: A qualitative interview study to inform adaptation of the Registered Nursing Forecasting (RN4CAST) Nurse Survey for Use in the Chemotherapy Day Unit (CDU)

The project aims to understand more about the working environment of the chemotherapy day unit (CDU) from the nurse’s perspective and understand the roles, responsibilities and experiences of nurses working in CDU. We would like to interview nurses who currently work in CDU. The interview will be hold online which will last around 30 minutes.

For more information or to express an interest email

Research project: How do older adults with a new diagnosis of lymphoma make decisions about having treatment?

This study is exploring how older adults with a new diagnosis of aggressive lymphoma make their decision about having chemotherapy treatment. The aim of the study is to understand individual’s personal experiences of making their decision about having lymphoma treatment, including what factors are taken into account when making the decision. The study involves a telephone or video interview lasting up to one hour for adults aged 65 years or older with a new diagnosis of Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma, T cell lymphoma or Hodgkin lymphoma and have started chemotherapy within the past 3 months.

If you feel any of your patients would be interested in taking part or would like further information please ask them to contact Jane Gibson, Lymphoma Nurse Clinician at The Christie hospital on 07742 885 479 or 0161 446 3395 or email

View the Patient Information Sheet

Research project: BAME Unmet Needs project, University of Hertfordshire

Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire are exploring perspectives of healthcare professionals on the meaning of culturally responsive blood cancer care and examples of this care in practice. We would like to interview healthcare professionals who currently provide care for people living with blood cancer. If you decide to take part, the online interview will take approximately 45-60 minutes and all responses will be anonymised prior to analysis.

Contact Dr Bobbie Smith at for more information 

More information on the project.

Research project: Study of lung cancer screening decision making after Hodgkin lymphoma

Do you support patients treated for Hodgkin lymphoma?
Nurses and clinicians are sought for a study exploring how Hodgkin lymphoma patients would make a decision about lung cancer screening and how healthcare professionals can best support them. The study involves a telephone interview using Zoom which will last around 20 minutes. Compensation will be offered for your time.

For more information or to express an interest email

Read the University of Manchester’s Privacy Notice for Research Participants.

Research reports

The following reports were written by Dr Catriona Gilmour Hamilton, Haematology Quality Manager: Patient Experience and Engagement, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They focus on patient-reported feedback on telephone appointments and appointments using the Attend Anywhere service, during 2020. The third document outlines guidance produced, based on this feedback, to support colleagues to deliver remote appointments effectively for their patients.

Telephone monitoring summary report

Attend Anywhere feedback report

Top Tips for telemedicine


Share your research

Do you have some ongoing research, or research reports, that you would like to share here? Please email us.  


Please note that Lymphoma Action takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information on these projects, and including these projects on this page should not be taken to suggest any involvement or recommendation of the individual projects.