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Log your Buddy link hours

By sharing information about your volunteer activity we can understand and celebrate the impact of volunteering across the UK.

Please use this form to tell us the time you have given to an individual during your link with them, whether it was by phone or email. We suggest doing this once your link is completed (for example, you have agreed and had your last conversation with them) or after six weeks from the initial link.

You may want to keep a note of the length of each contact so that you have it to hand at the end of the link! If your link continues after you have logged your hours, please come back to this page and submit another form.

If you have other volunteering roles with us, please log them separately here instead.

If you would like to talk through anything in relation to the link, if it has brought up any issues for you, or you would just like to keep in touch with us, please do give us a call on the helpline: (freephone) 0808 808 5555 between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. If you leave us a message we will call you back.

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