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Become a Lymphoma Champion!

Published on: 16 April 2024

Support our work to make sure no one has to face lymphoma alone.

Alister holding home made jams and preserves

We are inviting people to become Lymphoma Champions by connecting us with their employers, social clubs or any other networks they may have to raise funds and awareness about lymphoma as the UK’s fifth most common cancer.

Our wonderful supporter, Alister, has become a Lymphoma Champion by holding fundraising and awareness events in the eight care homes he heads up across the country. Also known as the ‘Cheshire Jam Man’, Alister first started fundraising for us following a diagnosis of follicular lymphoma in 2023. Alister raised over £2,000 by asking people to donate to us in exchange for jars of his delicious homemade jams and preserves, and most recently raised over £3000 from tea party events held at each care home to celebrate his birthday.

“I discovered I had lymphoma by chance following a routine prostate check and needed treatment with a mixture of chemotherapy and immunotherapy” says Alister. “After a course of R-CVP chemotherapy, I am now on a maintenance treatment. Even though I feel lucky compared to people with more aggressive cancers, the chemotherapy has definitely weakened me and changed my mental outlook on work and life.”

“The big thing about my diagnosis was the mental effect of it” he continues. “That’s where I felt Lymphoma Action came in. I wasn’t really aware of the condition, its seriousness or even what the symptoms of lymphoma were. My prognosis has always been positive, but coming to terms with living with the condition has been my hardest challenge and the information and support the Charity offers is so helpful. It’s so vital to speak or listen to others who have been on a similar journey, and that’s why I support the Charity and will continue to do so.” 

Find out how you can champion us today and support our work in providing people with the information and support they need during their lymphoma diagnosis, treatment and beyond