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A new name and a fresher look

On 18 April 2018 we launched our new name, with a fresh look and a new website.

Our mission – to make sure no one has to face lymphoma alone through information, education, support and influence - remains exactly the same. 

We want to reach the 125,000 people in the UK estimated to be living with lymphoma, as well as their family and friends and the healthcare professionals who care for them. 

To do that more effectively, we needed a louder voice. 

We’ve made huge progress in recent years to develop our support services and reach thousands more people – but our name 'Lymphoma Association' and our look no longer reflected who we are. Our refreshed brand will help us give everyone affected by lymphoma the best possible information, support, treatment and care.

We have been providing in-depth, expert information and wide-ranging support for over 30 years, helping thousands of people affected by lymphoma. We are looking forward to the next 30 years - and beyond. Together we can make sure that no one has to face lymphoma alone.

Answering your questions

Will your information and support services change? 
No. Our helpline, support group network, buddy service, medical information, patient conferences and education and training for healthcare professionals will stay the same and still offer the highest quality of service. 

Why did you change your name?
We want everyone affected by lymphoma to receive the best possible information, support, treatment and care and we’ve made huge progress in recent years to develop our services and reach thousands more people who would benefit from them. We believe the word 'Association' in our name is a barrier to people getting in touch with us for help because it implies a club that you have to join or subscribe to in order to use our information and support services. We know that people found it hard to remember and often referred to us as a different name. We felt that 'Lymphoma Association' as a name was not helping us to raise awareness of our charity and meet the challenges we face in increasing our reach, profile and income.

Why Lymphoma Action?
Lymphoma Action reflects our progress as an organisation, our energy and initiative and feels positive and inspiring. We wanted a name that inspires hope and conveys our aspiration and ambition. It encompasses all that we do to take action on behalf of people affected by lymphoma and empower them to take action themselves. It is also shorter (easier to spell!) and helps to differentiate us within a busy charity marketplace.

What do I do if I’m holding a fundraising event, give a monthly direct debit, or have left a legacy pledge to 'Lymphoma Association' in my Will? 
Please get in touch with our fundraising team on or 01296 619419 to request the promotional materials you need. All direct debits will be transferred across automatically and there is no need for you to do anything. Any legacy pledges made using ‘Lymphoma Association’ won’t be affected and any sponsorship funds and donations to ‘Lymphoma Association’ can still be received even when we’ve changed our name. 

What should I do with any Lymphoma Association booklets I have? 
If they are still in date (check the back cover for the review date), then please keep them. All of our information is reviewed and updated at least every three years and you can keep and use our printed information until the review date has expired. Any links to 'Lymphoma Association' web pages within the information will be automatically redirected to the new website. New booklets using the new name and branding will be published as and when old editions expire or when stocks run low and we need to reprint.

Who can I contact to ask about these changes? 
Everything we do is rooted in patient experience and feedback so we want to hear your views and questions - please get in touch by emailing us at

For more information, read our full FAQs.