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Lymphoma, work and you

On 21 November 2022 we held a webinar on the topic of lymphoma and work, with a panel of experts.

On this page you will find a video of this webinar, as well as links to various sources of information, advice and support around employment issues and benefits for working age people.

For some individuals diagnosed with lymphoma, employment can be a challenging area of life. Some may be able to continue to work through diagnosis and treatment, but for others this may not be possible. They may have to take time off work, which can impact on finances and lifestyle.

Understanding your employers’ obligations, and what sources of help and support are available to you including benefits and finacial assistance, might help you navigate through this potentially challenging period of life.

We are grateful to our speaker panel

Amy Thompson - Benefits Advisor, Maggie's Manchester
Angela Matthews - Head of Policy and Research, Business Disability Forum
Lou - an individual with lived experience of lymphoma
Clare - an individual with lived experience of lymphoma

Remote video URL

Additional sources of information, help and advice

Read more about employment, finance and benefits, and support for families, friends and carers.