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Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month

Published on: 12 April 2024

Raising awareness of the unique challenges faced by young people living with cancer.

Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month

April sees the return of the second annual Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month, an opportunity to highlight the specific challenges teenagers and young adults face in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Lymphoma is actually the most common cancer in teenagers and young adults, accounting for around 1 in 5 cancers in young people. Every year in the UK, more than 500 people aged 15 to 24 are told they have lymphoma, but many people have never heard of the condition before their diagnosis.  

This Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month, we are highlighting the personal stories of young people affected by lymphoma to raise awareness about this type of blood cancer, and the challenges young people can face when living with the condition.

It was a big, big struggle but I got through it with the help of my family and my nurses.


We also want to remind people of the resources and support we have available for young people who have received a lymphoma diagnosis. Our Young person’s guide to lymphoma is available to order or download for free on our website. It covers what lymphoma is, how it is treated, and gives suggestions of how young people affected by lymphoma can look after themselves  during treatment and beyond. 

Our monthly Young Adults Support Meeting is also open to people aged 18-35 with a diagnosis of lymphoma, and carers in the same age range. Our support meetings provide a safe, confidential place where people can meet others who have similar experiences, feelings and questions about issues of particular concern to people in this age group. 

Don’t forget that our Helpline Service team are also available by phone, Live Chat or email for a chat or to offer a listening ear. To any young person affected by lymphoma, please know that there is support available and that you are not alone.