Community Forum

Here at Lymphoma Action we are proud of the range of services we provide to support you and everyone affected by lymphoma. To ensure that these services meet your needs we continuously review them.   

With this in mind, we have spent some time reviewing our ‘community forum’. This was set up to enable people to engage with others online, via our website, so that they could share lived experiences with each other.  Over the last few years there has been a steady decline in activity on the forum as other on and off-line support opportunities have become more popular, and this has led to some of the conversations becoming out of date and less accurate.  We, therefore, propose closing the forum on 31 January 2021 and encourage you to consider one of the many other opportunities to engage with other people affected by lymphoma such as: 

We also have a range of other support services, including:

Whilst we appreciate for some our proposal to close the community forum may be a disappointment, we hope that you will be able to gain greater peer support though our other support services.  If you would like to share any feedback with us about your experience of the forum please contact us by emailing by 31 January 2021.

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