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Messages from people affected by lymphoma

During Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2020 we asked our supporters who have either experienced a lymphoma diagnosis or have a loved one affected - What message would you share with someone who has just been diagnosed?

"You are stronger than you think and braver than you know"

We know that a lymphoma diagnosis can feel overwhelming, but hearing from others who have been affected can be a valuable source of support. We hope these messages might provide some comfort and reassurance to anyone going through a lymphoma diagnosis.

Stay calm if you can. You're scared witless just now, but stop. Breathe. Talk to your doctors. You're in safe hands to bring you through.

Talk to loved ones. And ask questions - I've found being armed with all the proper facts has helped me to come to terms with my diagnosis.

Delegate your life as much as possible - everyone will want to help. That way, you can just focus on you.

It's really scary at first, but lymphoma is generally very treatable. Trust in the professionals, and stay as positive as you can!

It will not be easy, but you will make it. You have this unknown strength inside of you that will help you fight this. And you are surrounded by your loved ones and an experienced medical team.

It's ok to not be ok. Talk. Ask questions even if you think they're silly.

Take each day as it comes and don't feel defeated if you have a bad day.

It doesn't matter how slowly you go through this, just don't stop.

Now you know what you are facing, you will get all the help you need to get well again! Let people help you, you will need them on the hard days. Remember, even Superman/Superwoman has to rest sometimes!

You will find your own way to cope. Don't feel you need to take anyone's advice, your experience is your own.

You can read more personal messages on the theme of diagnosis here and more lymphoma stories here.

If you would like to talk, our Information and Support Team are here to support you.

Helpline: freephone 0808 808 5555, 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday
Live Chat: 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday - see the purple pop up box on the bottom right hand side of this page.

You can also connect with other people affected by lymphoma across the UK in our Facebook Support Group