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Published on: 24 January 2024

Our magazine, Lymphoma Matters, keeps you updated.

Latest updates in LM magazine

Our magazine, Lymphoma Matters, comes out three times a year and is packed with useful information for people affected by lymphoma. It covers the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment, symptoms management, stories of how other people are living with lymphoma and how you can get involved to support our work.

From feedback, we hear how important updates on latest developments are to our readers. Our winter issue of Lymphoma Matters included two articles on exciting new treatments; CAR-T cell therapy and bispecifics. 

CAR-T cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy. It uses T cells from a person’s own immune system to fight lymphoma. It is a very personalised treatment produced specifically for each individual person and their specific cancer. In the magazine, Consultant Haematologist Dr Cathy Burton and Clinical Nurse Specialist Kathryn Riley explain in detail what CAR-T cell therapy is and how it works. The article discusses who might have CAR-T cell therapy and, as one of our ‘Back to basics’ articles, they provide a really clear guide on what is involved in having this type of therapy. The article covers possible complications and side effects and discusses how successful this type of treatment is.  

Read our ‘Back to basics’ piece on CAR-T cell therapy on pages 14-18.

In the same issue of Lymphoma Matters, Consultant Haematologist Dr William Townsend provides a fascinating insight into bispecific antibodies. These are an exciting new class of immunotherapy drug that are showing promise in the treatment of a range of cancers including lymphoma. The principle of bispecific antibodies is that they attach to two targets: one on the surface of cancer cells and one on the surface of cells of the patient’s immune system (T-cells). This means that cells of the immune system come into direct contact with the cancer cells, and this leads to activation of the T-cells which in turn kill the cancer cells. 

In this ‘Ask the expert’ article, Dr Townsend explains how bispecific antibodies can be used to treat lymphoma and who can receive this treatment. He talks about what evidence there is that this treatment works, how it is administered, what the likely side effects are and how this treatment differs from CAR-T cell therapy.

Read our ‘Ask the expert’ piece on pages 23-25.

Look out for more news and updates in our next issue of Lymphoma Matters, which will be out soon. 

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