Developing new skills, becoming fitter and faster

We were delighted that Freemantles School took part in our Make Every Mile Matter challenge. 

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Freemantles School specialises in education for young people with autism and supported the team in their task of collectively cycling 53 miles throughout May. That was one mile for every person diagnosed with lymphoma in a 24-hour period. The team of seven teenagers raised over £500 for people affected by lymphoma. 

“As a school we don’t define students with autism, so in order to encourage further participation, progress and fun, along with the support from amazing staff, I registered the boys to embrace the Make Every Mile Matter cycle challenge throughout May for Lymphoma Action” says Debbie Smee, Teacher at Freemantles School. “I thought it would be an incredible opportunity for our students, to support other young people affected by lymphoma.”

“Some of the students progressed from a safe dual cycling bike with an adult, to learning how to ride a 2-wheel bike on their own. Another went from pedaling a three-wheel bike, to cycling 7km on a 2-wheel. Our students have become fitter and faster each week; as their teacher it was fabulous to watch them all grow in confidence and show such endurance too!” she adds. 

“I couldn’t have been prouder of their achievement and success. It was such a lovely experience for them as individuals and for their family and friends too.” Debbie concludes. 

“We want to say a huge thank you to the Freemantles School for their support” says Sarah Thorn, Community and Partnerships Manager at Lymphoma Action. “Lymphoma is the most common cancer in 16-25-year old’s.  Our vision is to ensure nobody has to face lymphoma alone, and with people supporting us like this we can move closer to achieving that.”