Happy birthday TrialsLink!

Our clinical trials information service turns 3 this week - and what a busy 3 years it has been!

Lymphoma TrialsLink Making it easier to find a clinical trial

Since the launch of our Lymphoma TrialsLink service in September 2016, we have:

If you haven’t visited Lymphoma TrialsLink before, why not take a look? You can find out more about clinical trials for lymphoma, or search for a trial that might be suitable for you.

If you’ve already used Lymphoma TrialsLink, we’d really like to know what you think. Did you find what you were looking for, and if so, what did you do with the information? We’re also keen to hear any suggestions for how we can improve the service. Let us know at trialslink@lymphoma-action.org.uk.

26 September 2019