Gaming challenge

Are you brave enough to take on the Lymphoma Action gaming challenge?!

Graphic of a screen & gaming controller

We are challenging you to use your gaming skills to help support people affected by lymphoma - the most common kind of blood cancer, and the most common cancer affecting young people.

It's up to you to pick your own challenge:

  • it could be to play solo for a certain number of hours in a row 
  • or you could do a relay event or tournament with friends 
  • or (we think this idea might be a popular one with parents!) you could give up gaming for a certain number of days or weeks

How to take part 

  1. Decide on your challenge - will you be getting sponsored to play for a certain length of time, or to give up playing for a certain length of time?
  2. Set up an online fundraising page via JustGiving or GivePenny  and ask your friends and family to sponsor you to take part. Have a look here to see how the money you raise could help people affected by lymphoma.
  3. All that's left now is to complete your challenge! You could even livestream your challenge through JustGiving or GivePenny and share it on your social media to help encourage your friends to donate.

We'd love to see how you are getting on with your challenges - so don't forget to tag us on social media! We're Lymphoma Action on Facebook, @LymphomaAction on Twitter and @Lymphoma_Action on Instagram. You can also use #TeamLymphoma.

If you have any questions, our fundraising team are here to help! Please email us at or call us on 01296 619419. 

Thank you so much for your support. With your help we can make sure no one has to face lymphoma alone.