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A cause to celebrate!

Published on: 20 June 2024

Do something wonderful by thinking of us on your special occasions and showing your support for people affected by lymphoma. 

Champagne flutes and a bottle

We are inviting people to think of a cause to celebrate, and mark their special occasion with a gift to show their support for people affected by lymphoma, the UK’s fifth most common cancer. From birthday donations, through to fundraising at weddings and anniversaries, or organising parties to celebrate being in remission, your support will help us provide people with the information and support they need during their lymphoma diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Our wonderful supporters, Mark and Helen, and their son Matt, raised £6,576 for us at a surprise party held for Matt one year after being told he was in remission from T-cell lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

“My lymphoma had shown itself in the form of a 17cm tumour on my hip, and a smaller tumour between my liver and pancreas” says Matt. “After being diagnosed in 2022 at age 18, I underwent 14 months of treatment which involved six rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a stem cell transplant. I was admitted to hospital on over 10 different occasions and had to stay in hospital for six weeks after the stem cell transplant, but I was finally told I was in remission in February 2023.”

“All along, we wanted to give something back to help others that will unfortunately end up in a similar situation to ourselves” adds Matt’s mum, Helen. “We took the decision to raise awareness around the condition, and to fundraise for Lymphoma Action, as without the support of charities like them, people like ourselves would not benefit from the help and guidance they offer to patients and the medical teams who care for them.”

“How we kept Matt’s remission party a surprise I do not know!” laughs Helen. “We had to use some extreme tactics to keep it away from him, such as telling Matt we were attending a ruby wedding anniversary party for our neighbours, and letting the tyres down on his car so that he couldn't drive to the venue and see familiar family and friends vehicles in the car park! The expression on Matt’s face when we walked in was unbelievable and worth every bit of the challenges we faced to keep it a secret. The reaction of over 200 people in the room as well was just priceless.” 

Matt at his remission party

Find out how you can find a cause to celebrate and support our work in making sure no one has to face lymphoma alone.