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British Science Week 2023

Published on: 13 March 2023

Scientific advances are continually improving the lives of those affected by lymphoma.

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British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. 

Scientific research has enhanced our knowledge of lymphoma and how it can be treated. Significant developments over recent years have led to the use of immunotherapy and new targeted therapies. Research continues, with experts in the field currently conducting research to:

  • further understand lymphoma biology 
  • develop new diagnostic tools
  • improve the tolerability of existing treatment options
  • optimise patient benefit
  • discover new treatments.

This research aims to improve the outcomes for everyone affected by lymphoma. 

Here at Lymphoma Action, we are in contact with the lymphoma research community to ensure our information is up-to-date. We have recently attended a conference in London presenting the highlights of the American Society of Haematology’s Annual Meeting and we will be at the British Society of Haematology’s Annual Scientific Meeting in April to hear the latest updates from the experts.

Much of this research is conducted in clinical trials – find out more using Lymphoma Action’s TrialsLink. Read the latest edition of our magazine, Lymphoma Matters, for an update on the current clinical trials being conducted in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma from the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit.

Published: 13 March 2023