Behind the scenes with... Nika

Our Live your Life Events Co-ordinator, Nika, gives an insight into her role at Lymphoma Action.


‘I co-ordinate the Lymphoma Action Live your Life programme which is a free one-day workshop for people who are at the end of treatment for lymphoma or are on active monitoring (watch and wait). This award-winning programme aims to help people take control, find their ‘new normal’ and improve their wellbeing and quality of life beyond lymphoma.

I’ve already organised 20 workshops this year all over the UK and aim to hold another 10 during the remainder of 2019 and into early 2020. 

A key part of my role is liaising with clinical nurse specialists (CNSs). We work together to organise a Live your Life workshop in their area and they promote it to the people who come to their clinic. Many people know about Lymphoma Action’s big events – like our National Conference – but the smaller workshops are less well known at the moment. I receive quite a few calls from people who have been told about the event, but don’t know what to expect from the day and want some reassurance that it’s for them.

Workshops can have up to 20 people, and one of my favourite parts of my role is when the volunteer workshop facilitator reveals that they also have lymphoma. This often changes the atmosphere of the room as people realise that here is someone who really understands what it’s like, rather than someone who has no personal experience of lymphoma.

I manage the details of the each of these days – liaising with the venues and caterers, planning for the workshop, taking the bookings and making sure all the resources needed for the day get to each venue.

I love the feedback at the end of each workshop, as all who attend come away having gained something valuable – often it’s a sense that they are not alone.

I would urge anyone who is interested in attending a Live your Life workshop to get in contact with me on 01296 619434 or email All the details can be found on our website, too.'

06 August 2019