Behind the scenes with... Carly

On International Volunteer Managers Day, our Volunteering Development Manager, Carly, gives an insight into her role at Lymphoma Action. 

Carly, our Volunteering Development Manager

Today is the 20th anniversary of International Volunteer Managers Day, which celebrates the profession of volunteer leadership. So we want to say a big thank you to our Volunteering Development Manager Carly! #BigUpVM 

Carly joined Lymphoma Action in 2018 in our first dedicated volunteer management post and here she shares more about her role: 

‘As my role is the first of its kind at Lymphoma Action, my job has been to look at how we involve and celebrate volunteers. I co-ordinate the volunteer programme across the organisation, working with staff to develop everything to do with volunteering. I have recently produced our volunteer strategy. This is important as it shows our commitment to how we’re going to grow and develop our volunteering programme and the volunteer experience. Geekily, I do really enjoy putting the resources and guidance together!

Day-to-day, my role involves managing new volunteer enquiries, promoting our opportunities and supporting existing volunteers. I really enjoy meeting our volunteers and learning about their experiences.

My favourite part of the role? Volunteering is at the heart of what we do as a charity so understanding the impact our volunteers have is really important. Sharing this impact, the personal stories and the good news about all of the amazing work our volunteers do is definitely my favourite part.’

If volunteering at Lymphoma Action interests you, you can learn more here or email Carly at

5 November 2019