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An appeal to the public

Published on: 16 July 2021

As COVID-19 restrictions lift in England, we have joined 40 other cancer charities in an open letter to the public to raise awareness about the impact of ‘freedom day’ on people affected by cancer, and the steps people can take to protect those who are still clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19.

An appeal to the public

As a member of One Cancer Voice, we are appealing to the public to remember that whilst many people feel like they are getting their ‘freedoms back’ once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, for many people with cancer it will feel like their freedoms are being taken away. This is because there are people living with cancer who may still be clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19, even after two doses of the vaccine. This may be due to the type of cancer they have, or the treatment they are receiving.

We are asking every person in the UK to help protect people affected by cancer, and ask that they consider doing the following three things:

  • Keep wearing masks in crowded places:
    There’s no way of knowing whether that person sitting a few seats down from you on the bus is on their way to their chemotherapy appointment.
  • Keep your distance from people you don’t know:
    You don’t know whether they could be vulnerable.
  • Remember that getting vaccinated helps protect you, and the people around you:         Particularly for people with cancer who have a compromised immune system, the more people who are vaccinated, the safer they will be

We know that for people affected by lymphoma, the changes to COVID-19 measures are a cause of great concern and anxiety. It is so important that people who are still clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 are not forgotten as restrictions are lifted. We ask that the public take action to keep others safe and show their support during what is a challenging time for people affected by cancer.

Ropinder Gill, Chief Executive at Lymphoma Action