Celebrating 35 years

2021 is a special year for Lymphoma Action as we celebrate our 35 year anniversary!

35 Anniversary logo

Lymphoma Action is proud to have been making a difference for 35 years, so that nobody has to face lymphoma alone.

Throughout 2021 we will have a special focus on ‘positive mental wellbeing’ as this reflects everything we do every day to support people affected by lymphoma.

Positive mental wellbeing

Psychologist Angela Waind explains why positive mental wellbeing is so important.

You can watch Angela's full video on emotional wellbeing and mental health, including tips and strategies for looking after your wellbeing, and what services are available here.

Our history

We've been providing support and information about lymphoma for 35 years, helping thousands of people affected by the UK's fifth most common cancer.  Find out more about how the charity started and our progress over the years to become Lymphoma Action - the only UK charity dedicated to lymphoma.

1986 (Hodgkin's Disease Association) - 2021 (Lymphoma Action)

Our strategy

Our strategy reflects what we want to achieve for people affected by lymphoma and where we can make the most difference. You can read more about our direction for the longer-term and how we hope to change how people live with lymphoma in Our Strategy 2020 - 2025.

Ways you can get involved 


Throughout 2021, we will be promoting our theme of 'positive mental wellbeing' through all our existing services as well as running some special 35 year anniversary fundraising events. These will include a cycling event, online gaming challenge, 35th anniversary tea and the return of our Bridges of Britain event, to name but a few - all great ways of helping to improve positive mental wellbeing! Please keep an eye out on our website for more information.  

To get you started, why not celebrate the New Year and our 35 year anniversary by signing up for Jump for January.  You could take up a new challenge, motivate yourself to keep active and improve your mental wellbeing whilst also helping to raise vital funds for Lymphoma Action.  Together we can make sure no one has to face lymphoma alone.  

Sharing your story

During the year we will be sharing stories around how sports, art and creativity have made a difference to the positive mental wellbeing of people affected by lymphoma. 

Carly and Paul

Carly Throughout her treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma, Carly used photography to record her journey and document the changes that the experience made to her life.

Paul Following on from his experience of high-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma, musician Paul shares the steps he took to support his wellbeing throughout his treatment, and how he wouldn’t let his diagnosis block his creativity.

If you would be interested in sharing with us how sports, arts and creativity have helped your mental wellbeing please get in touch with Amanda Harris, PR and Communications Officer.